What has happened to politics??

I think we can trace it right back to 9/11. When the planes flew into the World Trade Centre the world changed.

We were going along quite nicely – standard of living was good, we were getting on top of racism. Progress was slow but we were heading in the right direction.

9/11 and the wave of extreme Muslim terrorism sparked off a reaction. Fear created paranoia. There was a rise in racism and a surge of nationalism – kick out immigrants, shut the borders.

Populists seized their opportunity, rode this wave of fear and racism, stoked up hate and division and gained power.

Politics became extreme.

In the USA it resulted in Tea Party madness and then Trump. The rabid far-right populist loonies took over the Republican Party and transformed it into a fascist party.

In the UK we had the lunacy of Brexit followed by a take-over of the Tory Party by the ERG and the election of Johnson the affable populist clown (really a cynical narcissist).

The whole world lurched to the far-right with the election of nutcases like Bolsonaro, Oban, Modi, Erdogan and Morrison.

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  1. Climate Change, Tricky Dick, Watergate, and Greta Thunberg. Natural News.EU parliament declares fossil fuel to be “green” energy as climate change narrative collapses.
    The EU parliament just announced a decision that’s causing the fraudulent climate change narrative to self-destruct. “EU parliament backs labeling gas and nuclear investments as green,” reads a Reuters headline from yesterday. “The European Parliament on Wednesday backed EU rules labeling investments in gas and nuclear power plants as climate-friendly.”

    The fraudulent, junk science narrative of “climate change” has caused western nations (including the USA) to dismantle much of their fossil fuel infrastructure over the last 20 years.

    Suddenly, European nations are panicking to try to rebuild their energy infrastructure. But since they’ve officially blocked most funding for non-green energy projects, the only way to get funds to rebuild fossil fuel infrastructure is to declare fossil fuels to be “green.”

    Never forget that the “green” movement is part of the globalist depopulation agenda to starve billions of human beings to death while collapsing economies around the world.


    1. While it is absurd to call gas green that is a financial/political absurdity. To then spout silly conspiracy theories about the whole green issue is just Trumpian stupidity. Global warming is real, the harm to species diversity is real.

      1. Trumpism hmmmmmmmmmmm he did not waste billions in a foreign war across the planet earth like the local Russian Ukraine border dispute. He recognized Jerusalem Samaria and the Golan Heights as Israeli territory. He got 4 Arab countries to sign a peace treaty with Israel. What did any other President accomplish in the Middle East like that?

        You’re an expert on this subject of Global warming or do you follow the hysterics of a 13 year old girl?

        Where was Obozo care during the Covid crisis?? Anybody can bad mouth others. But Trumpism hardly qualifies as a proof of anything other than your slander.

        I take it you likewise condemn Trumps priority over US borders? How’s Biden’s border policy shaping up these days? Dude allot of folk do not like Trump like yourself, he lost the last election. But to bitch and moan about Trump 2 years into the Biden Presidency, that’s just the noise of a loser.

      2. No – that was Putin, wasn’t it?
        Sorry – I don’t see much sign of any progress in the Middle East – and won’t be until Israel comes to its senses and works out a compensation deal with the Palestinians they displaced. Trump just took sides and inflamed things.
        I am a Biologist so I have been following closely what is happening in the biosphere. It is disastrous. As a scientist, I have also been looking into global warming. That too is catastrophic.
        But then the ignorant Trumpists took a political stance and chose to ignore experts and scientists and selfishly look to their own profits.
        As for borders, I’d like to do away with all of them and bring the whole world up to a level of good quality of life. But that’s a dream. Until then we have to strongly control immigration while taking measures to bring down world population and do away with poverty.

      3. You don’t see? LOL you don’t live in Israel as I do. Arab stateless refugees in Israel have no more rights than Arab stateless refugees have in Jordon or Lebanon or Syria or Iraq etc etc Your picking out Israel only reveals your ignorance of the facts on the ground.

      4. Two wrongs do not make a right. Israel stole the land from the Palestinians. They need to make restitution to get long-lasting peace. Until that happens there is war.

      5. I don’t have to prove it. It’s a historical fact. When the British pulled out there was a war between the Arabs and the Jews. The Jews won and seized the land and property of the Arabs living in Palestine.

      6. Noise. What historic fact? No Capital City nor Currency of Palestine ever existed – that’s a historic fact. Idiot.

      7. Why don’t you grow up Moshy?? I’ve already shown you maps of Palestine. It existed.
        But whatever you wish to call it does not alter the fact. The Arabs lived there for hundreds of years. They were displaced by the Jews. Their land was stolen. In order to gain peace this has to be resolved. Wake up. Stop lying.

      8. 19th century maps made by European empires. No proof. idiot. Jews developed 2 kingdoms long before the Arabs even became Muslims. Idiot.

        “stolen” claim again. Idiot you have not proven that lie.

      9. Silly reactionary idiot foreigner, present day Iraq, Kuwait, and Jordan = part of the League of Nations “Palestine” Mandate. Silly dumb ass.

      10. If I live in a house and other people come in, throw me out and take possession then I call that stolen.

      11. Blinded by religion. You need to get real. They are all the same people. Just separated by the lunacy of religion.

      12. Well I’m an antitheist. I believe all religion is man created and the cause of much hatred and division. Time we grew up.

      1. The lie is that there was no Palestine. The other that the Arabs were not displaced by the Jews. You lie. Your life is based on a lie.

      2. Oh – there’s a Palestine mandate now??? Yes the conflict created by separating these primitive tribes into artificial countries. Religion has shackled these dynamic tribes in the Dark Ages.

      3. No. Not since Britain returned the mandate back to the UN in 1948 and Israel declared and won its National independence. Idiot.

      4. No. They fought a civil war, won and kicked out the Arabs who were living there. Historic fact. Now I am not disputing their right to set up a state through conquest; I am saying that in order to gain peace they have to resolve issues with the displaced people or forever suffer war.

      5. Insane nut. Civil War learns from the American Civil War. Those conditions do not define the Arab rejection of the UN proposal for a 2 state solution and then lost their war to throw the Jews into the Sea in the 1948 War of Independence. Idiot.

      6. I don’t live in London. Gosh, when you lose an argument all you can resort to is swearing, abuse and nastiness. No wonder the Palestinians want to kill you.

      7. All you do to the Arabs is what europeans did to the Jews. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Both wrong.

      8. Arabs do not live in ghettos. Arabs can farm lands. Jews do not say that Arabs kill Jewish babies to make unleavened bread.

        You vile barbarian you and your trash people did all these crimes against humanity.

      9. For 2000+ years European pigs accused Jews and demand our death for the crime of killing christ. What’s good for the goose its good for the gander.

      10. Arabs lost. That means Israel won its national Independence and Arabs became stateless refugee populations — a people without a country of their own.

      11. It means there is a whole race of furious people festering and causing war for everyone. Needs resolving.

      12. Vile mutt dog you do not speak Hebrew you’re a butt hole smelling mongrel dog. Israel alone determines its international borders and its own State Capital City.

      13. Yes we do and I’ve always opposed it. But you miss the point. As soon as they are able the Arabs will annihilate you.

      14. France lost WWII, that loser nation has no place as a permanent member of the UN Security Council any more than does Germany or Japan. Idiot.

      15. Idiot. Europeans defined racism for 2000+ years in their oppression of Jewish refugee population. You can shove your “racism” up your homo butt.

      16. What you are wanting to do to others. Fascists are all the same. It’s not about race, it’s attitude.

      17. I was brought up with it. The whole of our culture is smeared with the tribalism of the old testament.

      18. Idiot Jews do not recognize the so called new testament as anything other than a Roman forgery counterfeit. Idiot.

      19. The new testament is just another bit of religious bunkum. All religions are the same – excuses for power and division based on pathetic tribalism and prejudice. Time to dump all religion. Needs banning.

      20. NT … Roman propaganda written during the Jewish revolt against Rome in 66. You know nothing of any religion least of all – Judaism. Idiot.

      21. Oh we’re going back into ancient history now are we? I suppose we should give back Britain to the Norse while we’re at it. That would make more sense. Or should it be the Romans? Or the French? or back further to the Germans? Or even the Celts who came from India?

      22. Who said they did? They were kicked out and migrated around. They suffered millennia of persecution. That does not give them the right to the land though. They took that by force from people who had lived there for hundreds and hundreds of years. BTW – I am not a Nazi. That is much more the province of the current Jewish State.

      23. So Jews desire to return and restore the Jewish nation never died. Therefore the destruction of the Jewish State by the Romans does not qualify as ancient history. Silly dumb ass idiot.

      24. Noise. Jews have the right to self determination as do any other people. The Arab refugees lost the war and therefore exist as stateless refugee populations without a country as did the Jews for over 2000 years.

      25. Neither do you. Just a nomadic tribe of wandering Arabs from the Middle East fixated on an outdated religion based on misogyny, violence and some nasty god.

      26. Idiot your slander goes from a theocracy to implying that Jews slaughter 75% of Europe’s population. Utter brain dead idiot.

      27. Opher you have a long history of bull shit stupidity.
        Here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zE8GCX1w3ys
        Stole as argued by another brain dead idiot Muslim.

        He claims that in 1948 Arabs lost their country Palestine. That’s an outright lie. No country of Palestine ever existed. The Palestine Mandate awarded to England post WWI did not magically create the Country Palestine which this idiot claims Arabs lost in 1948.

      28. You are a blind fool. Arab people lived in Palestine for hundreds of years and were forcibly displaced by the Jews. Now whether you want to argue about what the place was called is immaterial. Arab people lived there. They were forcibly thrown out. There was no country of Israel. Now there is.

      29. Arabs conquered an empire and expelled the Romans who crushed two Jewish revolts. Go back to school. Idiot Mohammad did not come around to the 7the Century CE.

      30. How far back do you want to go?? I know my history. I’m not talking ancient history. I’m talking about the past few hundred years. Your attempt at diverting the truth is ridiculous. Conquest is part of history. That doesn’t make it right and it does not solve the present-day dilemma. The Jews sole the land. Restitution will restore peace. I’m looking for a solution. You are merely continuing the conflict.

      31. Yes. I agree. We did and we should give it back. But at least we can have a referendum to decide what the people want – like we had in Scotland. Try giving the Palestinians a referendum.

      32. Your agreement does not mean squat. Arab refugees have no rights. Not in Jordan. Not in Syria. Not in Lebanon. And Not in Israel.

      33. I don’t need to do that Moshe. I just have to talk intelligently and allow you to come out with your stupidities.

      34. Stolen: take (another person’s property) without permission or legal right and without intending to return it: Like the Jews did with Arab lands. Gosh, do I have to spell everything out as if talking to a tiny child??

      35. Just as you have failed ….
        surprise surprise surprise … NOT.
        To prove “stole” applies to the Jewish State. Pathetic moron.

      36. The stench of highfalutin morality spewing from your faggot ass. Opher you consider yourself a priest or a pastor.

      37. I didn’t and I wouldn’t. You do love to stereotype. It’s a sign of lack of intelligence and understanding.

      38. Pig sub-human European filth referred to stateless Jewish refugees as christ killers to justify their pogroms and ghetto imprisonment.

        Go straight to the Ghetto and do not leave for 400 years.

      39. Jewish refugee populations across Europe did not have rights for 2000+ years. Pull your head out of that wide load ass of yours.

      40. Oh yes they did. There are many many examples of how they were accepted into communities and afforded rights. You talk nonsense.

      41. Bull shit. The Shoah where barbarians like yourself murdered 75% of European Jewry in less than 4 years proves that europe utterly bankrupt and vile.

      42. No – it merely proves that the rulers were nasty, corrupt and vicious – not the people. They were exploited and manipulated. People are the same the world over. You are just as brainwashed and manipulated by your fascist government as they were.

      43. Bunk 2000+ years of nasty, corrupt and vicious European people together with their vile leaders.

        The Holocaust did not happen in countries outside of Europe. The people of Europe sub-human barbarian apes.

      44. The holocaust happened because of people just like you – brainwashed, stereotyping and full of hate.

      45. I’m not responsible. It’s you who is stirring up division, racism and hate, not me. I’m not stereotyping, being racist or abusive – that’s you!

      46. I haven’t stereotyped once. I know there are good kind-hearted Jews who don’t stereotype and aren’t full of hate.

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