A Simple Choice – election voting made easy – a viewpoint.

In the forthcoming election there is a choice between two governments with opposing ideology.

After the next election the country will be run by either the Tories, Labour or a coalition. I know what I would prefer.

The Tory party was formed by the wealthy elite to protect their interests.

The Labour party was formed out of the Trade Union movement to fight for the rights and wages of ordinary people.

Nothing has changed. If we cut through the rhetoric, lies and promises to look at what actually happens.

When Labour were in they increased pay and ran the public services properly. They also had the economy in the black until the world-wide crisis occurred.

When the Tories are in they cut pay, cut public services, worsen work conditions, slash pensions and make life miserable for the poor. They give tax cuts to the rich. In these times of austerity the rich have increased their wealth substantially. The inequality gap has widened enormously.

The media (including the BBC) are run by the rich with a strong Tory bias. They put out Tory propaganda to distort the reality. The tabloids are outrageous.

This is not a beauty contest between May and Corbyn; it is a choice between starkly different ideologies.

I vote for more fairness and equality, the protection of the environment and to protect our schools, social services and the NHS. I agree with Corbyn on most things – this country is being run for a small elite to the detriment of the rest of us. Something has to change!

What do you vote for?

I'd like to hear from you...

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