Economic facts to consider – I believe there is an election looming! Why I vote Labour.

I wrote this two years ago. Since then the Tory party has swung to the right making things even more dire. The Labour party is saying the right things – but oh how the media will try to pull it all apart.

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I am presently reading Owen Jones fascinating book – Chavs. I was immediately taken by a few facts from the preface which I believe are relevant.

  • In 2011 living standards for the average Briton declined at the fastest rate since the 1920s.
  • In the same 2011 boardroom pay for Britain’s top one hundred companies soared by 49% (The previous year it had soared by a staggering 55%).
  • The wealth of Britain’s richest 1000 increased by 20% after leaping up by 30% the previous year.
  • The claim by Cameron and Osborn that we are ‘All in this together’ is both ludicrous and offensive.
  • The poor suffer a triple whammy of benefit, services and support cuts
  • The result is food banks, zero hours exploitation and return of childhood illnesses associated with severe poverty
  • The record of this coalition government is the worst poverty record of any government for a generation.

The mantra…

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