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All the rights we now enjoy had to be fought for against greedy capitalist conservatives who only care about wealth and power.

Opher On Politics

Opher On Politics

When I was young I was pretty apolitical. As far as I was concerned politicians represented the establishment. The establishment was a bunch of extremely wealthy people who manipulated everything. Who you voted for meant very little because it was always the same people who held the power.

So I did not vote and did not involve myself in their games. I wanted out of the game.

As I became older, and had to work in the system (like most people) I began to see that it was more complex than that.

Firstly, few people were fortunately enough to have a skill/luck that enabled them to work outside the establishment.

Secondly, most people (musicians, writers, artists, actors, film stars, entrepreneurs and celebs) who were successful creatively were soon incorporated into the establishment. They thus had a vested interest in maintaining the system.

Thirdly, there was a practical difference in voting for a political party. They did make a difference to what happened on the ground – within limits.

Fourthly, it was not going to be possible to change the system.

Changing a leader in an institution, a nation or a global body makes a huge difference. In a business, a football club or a school, a leader can affect the whole ethos. They change the zeitgeist. That affects everybody.

I began to look at politics in terms of Four Levels – I called them Macro, Mega, Local and Personal.

Macro Politics

On the macro level nothing changes. A bunch of extremely wealthy people and corporation run the world.

They operate internationally.

Their focus is power and wealth (interchangeable). They use their money to manipulate markets, buy off politicians, corrupt officials, gain influence through lobbying, donations to parties and even more illegal means.

They create situations that pour the bulk of the world’s wealth into their pockets.

If an anti-establishment party comes to power they manipulate the money markets to starve them of money so their economies fail.

They use loopholes to avoid paying taxes.

They put pressure on through bribes, donations, promises and threats to achieve the legislation they want.

They want growth and more money.

They are prepared to use war, environmental devastation, mass exploitation, poverty and extreme force in order to crush opposition and maximise their profits.

They do not care about the outcomes for ordinary people or the environment.

They want tax loopholes, no workers’ rights, no environmental restrictions and no planning restrictions.

They only give ground if they are forced to.

The establishment run things, run governments and are leading the mad rush for growth that is destroying the planet.

I do not know if they act in unison, as a cabal, or in groups, or as individuals. They are the multinationals.

They control the media and thus manipulate the minds of the masses.

Mega Politics

Mega politics operates nationally. It is what we think of as political parties. The Tory and Labour Party. The Democrats and Republicans.

They all depend on donations. They all need the economy to work. They all require media backing. They all respond to bribes, promises and lobbying.

Without the donations they cannot become elected. Campaigns cost a lot of money.

Without a positive spin in the media they will not be elected.

Without an economy that works they cannot be re-elected.

Without support their policies will fail.

They are all open to bribery and corruption. It’s amazing how many politicians walk into plum jobs or sit on boards for huge sums.

The system is corrupt. The tax loopholes never get plugged. The tax is never properly paid (apart from ordinary people – then every penny is collected). The environmental and workers legislation only ever goes so far. The media is never properly controlled.

Nothing is ever fair. Everything (like the vote, workers’ rights and conditions, pay, equality) has to be fought for. Once won it is then easily eroded.

But, for all that, politics does count for something. The political parties are able to work within parameters.

In order to be elected they have to be pro-establishment (or the media rip them apart and people are manipulated – the economy is undermined in the short-term to get them out of office) so nothing fundamental changes – tax loopholes, taxation, workers’ rights, environmental laws, health and safety.

Within the parameters it is possible to finance the public services, increase workers’ pay, introduce health and safety, and introduce environmental legislation – just as long as it does not take too much wealth away from the elite.

So voting Labour or Tory, Democrat or Republican can make a big difference to the working people, those on welfare and the poorest in society.

It is worth voting even if it does not oust the real masters.

Local Politics

Local politicians can make an impact on how money is spent locally. They are open to the same bribes, corruption and lobbying as the national politicians (on a smaller scale) but they have control of large sums of money and can decide how it is spent.

This can make a huge difference to public services.

Voting for one party or another can make huge differences to what happens on the ground. These things impact on the poorest people in communities and the services they can access. They impact on the richness of the amenities that are available to the community.

Voting locally can make a huge difference.

Personal politics

How one lives one’s life is the politics of self. We can choose how we interact with others. We can choose how we interact with our society, environment or the people we meet, work with and are friends with.

We can make a pleasant environment or a frosty one. We can build or destroy.

We can influence what happens locally and even, to an extent, nationally.

How we choose to live our lives has moral/political implications.

I’m sure there’s a lot more that I can say. I might add to this later.

As Roy Harper (or Tubular Sock) might say – we can’t change the game. It’s always the same bosses. Politics is a game.

As Opher Gpoodwin says – we can still make a difference and democracy does make a difference – even if it can’t change the game.

Opher 11.12.2020

A Simple Choice – election voting made easy – a viewpoint.

In the forthcoming election there is a choice between two governments with opposing ideology.

After the next election the country will be run by either the Tories, Labour or a coalition. I know what I would prefer.

The Tory party was formed by the wealthy elite to protect their interests.

The Labour party was formed out of the Trade Union movement to fight for the rights and wages of ordinary people.

Nothing has changed. If we cut through the rhetoric, lies and promises to look at what actually happens.

When Labour were in they increased pay and ran the public services properly. They also had the economy in the black until the world-wide crisis occurred.

When the Tories are in they cut pay, cut public services, worsen work conditions, slash pensions and make life miserable for the poor. They give tax cuts to the rich. In these times of austerity the rich have increased their wealth substantially. The inequality gap has widened enormously.

The media (including the BBC) are run by the rich with a strong Tory bias. They put out Tory propaganda to distort the reality. The tabloids are outrageous.

This is not a beauty contest between May and Corbyn; it is a choice between starkly different ideologies.

I vote for more fairness and equality, the protection of the environment and to protect our schools, social services and the NHS. I agree with Corbyn on most things – this country is being run for a small elite to the detriment of the rest of us. Something has to change!

What do you vote for?

Jeremy – For the Labour Party and Country – GO!!!

As a great supporter of Jeremy Corbyn I am dismayed by the stupidity of what is happening. It is making a mockery of Labour and doing Jeremy’s reputation no good at all.

As I have said repeatedly I like what Jeremy says and stands for but he has proved himself not to be a leader and not to be able to handle the media. His performance in the referendum was as lamentable as the football team.

No matter how brilliant you are if you have a vote of no confidence where 172 vote against you and only 40 vote for you there is no way forward. You have to do the honourable thing and step down with dignity. There are not even enough supporters to form a shadow cabinet with any credibility. There is not a hope in hell of the electorate backing Labour.


Jeremy Corbyn – Saviour of the Universe – A breath of fresh air!!

Jeremy Corbyn6

I just voted for Jeremy Corbyn for Leader and next Prime Minister – Here’s why.

I, like most people, have been thoroughly disillusioned with politics – all the greed, promises and insincerity. They’ve all had their snouts in the trough.

I’ve been fed up with corporate politics. None of them speak without consulting a think-tank. They never say what they believe; they say what they think might win them votes. They never deliver on promises. All the parties support the same policies.

I want someone who is passionate and says what they believe rather than what I might want to hear.

That why Nigel Farage was so popular. At least he spoke his mind even if I didn’t agree with anything that came out of his mouth. I could respect the way he did it.


At last I have something to vote for.


Jeremy Corbyn is saying exactly what I have been spouting for years. He says it with sincerity and he doesn’t care if it gets votes or not. It’s what he believes and he hopes to persuade people that it is what is right. He persuaded me.

I could have written his manifesto; it reflects my own beliefs.


He stands for Justice, Freedom, Solidarity and Equality.


Anyone who has read my blog will find that is the backbone of what I stand for.


Corbyn rejects austerity. So do I. I do not believe that ordinary people should pay for the mistakes of the wealthy particularly while the wealthy continue to reap their bonuses and inflated salaries. It’s obscene.


Corbyn says he represents the millions, not the millionaires.


He states up front that he will put the long term interests of the planet at the forefront. Couldn’t agree more. Do away with oil and coal and bring in renewables.


He will stand up against injustice around the world and seek peace through dialogue. My views entirely.


He wants to renationalise the railways and energy utilities. Thank heavens. Selling them off was madness. Not only did it put billions in the pockets of the rich but it has created a nightmare for all of us and worse service. Prices through the roof and a nightmare having to change over every year and find better deals. I don’t know who I’m with half the time. The railways are expensive and a mess. Rather than having the rich creaming off the top they should be in national ownership. I’ve been saying it for years. It would make it simpler, cheaper and more effective.


He wants to reverse Education cuts and fully fund the NHS. Sounds good to me!


Invest in the North – about bloody time!


Do away with Zero hours contracts and have proper paid jobs.


Do away with the dangerous and exceeding expensive Trident. About time. It’s a useless bit of technology, a dangerous bit of cold-war sabre-rattling and a waste of money. I don’t like us being a target. That huge amount of money can be better spent and who needs a place at the top table?


WOW!! – I don’t think there’s much he’s left off!! I’ll borrow it if I ever stand for office.


The argument against Jeremy Corbyn is that he will be painted as a Left-Wing extremist. There will be a media campaign to undermine him. The establishment will sling mud and make him unelectable.


A lot of Tories thought so. They tried to vote him in thinking that the Labour Party would sink.


I and millions of others think they are wrong. Yes there will be a huge establishment campaign to undermine him. Yes there will be policies and things I do not like. But I believe he is sincere, he is passionate and he is a breath of fresh air that will appeal to a far bigger number of people than was ever dreamt of.


I agree with him.


I am voting JEREMY CORBYN because he represents my views.

Election – I do not know if you have noticed that it is looming! Some thoughts.

cameron cameronhh cameron-miliband

Why is all this election business so artificial?

Politicians are simply not interested in doing what really needs doing. For them it is all about power and votes.

For most of the time they treat us with disdain and contempt.

The short term patterns of our election prevents any long-term planning. When it comes to infra-structure or painful decisions they duck the issues – they think ‘what is the point of doing something that a future government will pick up the credit for? Where’s the votes in that?

What I want is passion and idealism. I want someone who will stand up and put their views out because it is what they believe. I do not want to hear politicians blathering on about what they think might get them votes so that they can wield power and be the big I-Am. I want honesty.

I want politicians to do what is right and not what is popular.

I want integrity, real issues, caring and some common sense.

Why is it that we always have to choose which is the less nasty, less greedy, less crooked, less uncaring?

I want a real choice! I want an alternative to the selfish greed of the Tories with their uncaring disregard for ordinary people. I don’t want to have to settle for a watered down version.

Politics – always the lesser of two evils!


Politics for me should be about making the world a fairer, equal, more just, tolerant and happy place.

I want a political party that looks to bring harmony, peace and a more global perspective.

I want an end to war, conflict, poverty, pollution, overpopulation and environmental destruction on a global scale.

I want a party that wants to create a fairer distribution of wealth.

It is my contention that a lot of the world’s problems and the country’s problems are due to great inequality. A tiny elite own far too big a slice of the cake and control the political parties in order to maintain the status quo. People are deliberately kept in poverty and destitution. It does not have to be that way.

In recent times the super-rich have creamed off an even bigger slice and the bottom rung have even less. I do not think it is right that some people are wondering what to invest their next billion in (perhaps a football team? A yacht or a pent-house?) while millions are dying of starvation.

I do not believe we can tackle deforestation, multinationals, tax avoidance, corruption, pollution, crime, war, religious fanaticism or environmental degradation without globally enforced laws and a more equal distribution of wealth.

I want a party that will seek to implement world government and the United Nation charter of Human Rights for all citizens of the world. But that’s pie in the sky.

So what does that make me? A Communist? Socialist? I do not know or care. I am affiliated to no party.

What I do know is that our politicians are all part of the establishment. They have an interest in maintaining the status quo. They think in terms of only our country and how to get re-elected. They think they deserve to be rewarded highly and are better than the people they represent.

I want a bigger vision.

In reality I am presented with two choices. The next Prime Minister will either be Milliband or Cameron.

The Tories represent the Establishment. They are the party of the rich and elite, Public School educated and serving the establishment. Hence we have seen in these times of austerity, with reductions in standard of living for ordinary people, welfare cuts and cuts to public services, the bonuses for bosses increase and the Tories introducing tax cuts for the rich. The top end has got richer while the rest of us have got poorer. It makes a mockery of ‘We’re all in it together’. It also has not paid off the huge national debt as promised. That money has gone into the pockets of the rich.

The Labour Party came out of the Trade Union Movement. Their brief was to represent the working man and ensure that he got fair pay, better conditions and better treated. Hence we saw the Health Service, regulation of factories, health and safety, and a rise in standards for ordinary people. Unfortunately the Labour Party then lost its zeal and became part of the Establishment. It’s MPs wanted the money and privilege. They too started looking to support Big Business. It was seen as pragmatic. If you did not give a good deal to the rich they would take their business elsewhere. Nowadays the Labour Party, with its share of Public School Boys, is almost indistinguishable from the Tories; only marginally better. Blaire adopted a lot of Thatcher’s policies.

As for the Liberals, who don’t know who they are and blow with the wind, and UKIP who would align themselves with the National Front on many issues and don’t have coherent policies on anything, or the Greens who are too small, there is no-one who is worth supporting.

My heart says Green is the best of a bad deal. My head says Labour. At least they are marginally better than the vicious ideologically driven Tories and their uncaring dogma. The nasty party with the arrogant Cameron leer make me cringe.

In reality there is no party that reflect my views. I am disenfranchised.