Poetry – Tory Propaganda Rag

Tory Propaganda Rag

I’m reading the Tory propaganda rag.

It makes me feel so good.

Hating all those foreigners

Just like I know I should.

Five million Turks

Are on their way

And the EU wants control.

But I’m wise to all their tricks

I know they want my soul.

The BBCs a leftist hive

And the civil servants are all red.

But Boris will sort them out

That is what he said.

The Muslims are all terrorists.

Refugees want my job.

There’s rapists, killers and drug dealers –

A complete leftist mob.

I’m reading the Tory propaganda rag.

I need my shot each day.

It puts me right on everything

And tells me what to say.

I know the facts are right

They tell it like it is.

With the Tories in power

We live a life of bliss.

Opher – 12.10.2020

The establishment run the media and drip-feed vitriol into the homes of everyone.

Lies and damn lies.

Spin and spin.

They tell us black is white, who to fear and which conspiracies are truth.

If you oppose the establishment then they’ll have it in for you. Everything you do will be exaggerated misreported and your name will be mud.

The media owns the minds of the people. They tell you what to think. The establishment formed the Tory party and bought up the media. They want to pu;ll the wool over our eyes, stop us questioning, stop us thinking and stop us voting in anybody who is not for the establishment.

That’s the way it works.

14 thoughts on “Poetry – Tory Propaganda Rag

      1. Well I reckon the planet will likely survive us and a dollop or two of bacterial slime. Given a few billion years we might just get back to where we were before the sun goes nova.

    1. Tory propaganda rag … The pro-Tory smear merchants, Guido Fawkes, have been slammed on social media after defending neo-Nazis and arguing that a Jewish Labour MP should be nicer to them.

      “Five million Turks are on their way, and the EU wants control. But I’m wise to all their tricks
      I know they want my soul”…. So writes the Goy who demands a 2 state solution from Israel.

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