Stupid Brexiteer Liars hoisted on their own Petards – as Project Fear is shown to be Project Reality!! Brainwashed by a lying media!

The lying Brexiteers Johnson, Gove, Farage and Cummings told everyone it wasn’t going to be like this! The lying media was in cahoots with them!

It was all going to be sunlit uplands! There weren’t going to be any barriers to trade! No tarifs! No lengthy queues! No extra costs! Companies weren’t going to go bust! Companies weren’t going to flee to Europe!!

When people pointed out that once you were outside you were outside! That made border checks, tarifs and extra costs inevitable! That caused delays and trade more expensive! That put prices up and caused made life harder for everyone!

Once you were outside you were outside and treated like everyone else outside!

All those stupid lying soundbites thought up by Cummings and spouted by that stupid lying, self-serving buffoon Johnson (dear old Boris – the narcissistic, lying, self-serving, over-privileged twerp) are now coming home to roost.

We are so obviously not in control of our borders.

The sunlit uplands have turned into hyperinflation and spiralling cost of living.

PROJECT FEAR has come to pass and it was true. We shot ourselves in the foot out of some manufactured xenophobic frenzy.

Even the stupid Brexiteers living in Europe voted for it! They voted their rights and freedoms away!

Now our ERG Masters (Rabid right-wing nutcase xenophobes and self-serving exploiters) and the right-wing tabloid press are trying to blame it on Europe!!

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