Brexit – Let me see? Johnson’s Dilemma

Brexit – Let me see? Johnson’s Dilemma

Brexit –

                Let me see?

                                What will benefit me?

Whether it be nobler

                To cash the cheque

                                And run?

To seize the power

                Use it

                                And abuse it?

Even though it will

                Bring down


Will break a nation

                Create misery

                                For the population.

Yet, think of the hay

                Think of the power

                                My finest hour!

Think of the wine

                Licence to dine

                                A veritable gold mine.

Brexit –

                Let me see?

                                What will benefit me?

Opher 3.11.2022

He sat at his desk with two very different articles. There’s the rub. Which to publish?

When Johnson sat at that desk weighing up which way to go on Brexit was he thinking about the nation, the effect of his decision on people? Or was he thinking about himself? Which would bring him power and unlimited wealth?

I know what I think.

This lying scoundrel sold us down the river!

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