Here’s to the truth

Here’s to the truth

Here’s to the truth!

                Sacrificed for power!

                                Deliberately undermined

to create Trump’s finest hour!

A populist ploy

                To bring the experts down.

                                Now people believe

the lies of a clown.

Bleating fake news,

                pumping propaganda;

                                deploying racist lies

to make a fool even grander.

Who needs evidence

                when you have the word of Trump?

                                Elections stolen

to re-elect a chump!

Piling democracy

                on the raging fire.

                                Flames consume truth

on equality’s funeral pyre.


Are people that stupid that they can’t see they are being played?? So it seems.

All across the world the grubby fascist populist politicians play from the same play book. They deliberately undermine the truth, promote racism and xenophobia, drum up fear for jobs, blame scapegoats, highlight threats and promise the earth.

Once in office they set about creating a totalitarian state, stifling the opposition, controlling the media, introducing corruption and sleaze and lining their nests. They oppress, suppress and bask in their power.

They lie, cheat and use violence and fear to control.

Populists thrive on fear, division and hatred.

They are all, to one degree or another, tainted with the same totalitarian brush:

Johnson, Bolsonaro, Modi, Oban, Trump, Erdogan, Putin, Jinping, Le Pen, Meloni, Jong-un, Netanayuh.

When will we ever learn? When will we ever learn?

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