Thirteen Years of Tory misrule.

Public services have been decimated.

Local government decimated.

Roads in a mess.

Rail in a mess.

Privatisation creeping everywhere (so the wealthy can make more money)

Education in a mess.

NHS on its knees.

Crime on the rise.

Knife crime up.

Prices going through the roof.

Petrol through the roof.

Gas and electricity through the roof.

Shortages of staff.

Crops rotting in fields.

Shortages of lorry drivers.

Shortages of carers, nurses, crop pickers, waitresses, chefs, hotel staff………

Economy in a mess.

Massive red tape.

Queues at ports, delays and cancellations.

Care homes in crisis.

Firms closing or moving abroad.

Immigrants crossing the channel in droves.

Waves of strikes and industrial action.

Tax cuts, huge profits and bonuses for those at the top.

Truss’s answer to the problem is to give more money to the wealthy.

Lied to and treated like idiots.

When You Make A Pact With The Devil!!

Sooner or later lies catch up with you. Obviously the Brexit dividend is being used to level up so that we can use the oven-ready deal and world-beating outcomes to reach the sunny uplands.

Funny how those sunny uplands have kept coming for the top end while the dismal, dreary depths are good enough for us!!

Could it be that the Tory Party, who were formed to look after the interests of the wealthy, have been looking after their own at the expense of everyone else? Surely not?

The GREAT Brexit Deal our buffoon negotiated!!

We are constantly being told by Johnson lackeys that he GOT ALL THE BIG CALLS RIGHT!!

What a lie!

His incompetence ended up with 179,000 deaths. His management of Covid was appalling.

HIs negotiation of Brexit was even worse. Far from having the promised Brexit dividend we have deflated the economy by 4%. It has cost us a staggering £130 billion.

Why aren’t the media pointing this out?? Why aren’t they up in arms?? It couldn’t be because they are owned by Brexiteering Tories could it??

Brexit is an unmitigated disaster. The sooner we get back in the single market and customs union the better. It is killing us!!