The Budget – shafting us again!!

Spin, smoke and mirrors. They give with one hand and steal it back (and more) with the other. Busy robbing the country.

The Corona Diaries – Day 345

The days and weeks are flashing past. I think it is because there aren’t any landmarks to hang any memories on – just a repeating pattern of days!

Today I had a zoom meeting with my writing group in the morning which meant that I took my walk this afternoon. Most probably best. It was very cold and grey.

I did see a remarkable sight though. It was about 3.30 pm when I reached the top of my hill. I was met with thousands of seagulls circling around. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a huge number. I stood an watched for ages. I was intrigued. They were ploughing the fields and I knew that would likely attract a number of birds but this huge number was unprecedented.

I watched them circle and call and then I noticed a group would peel off and head for the coast. That was followed by another group who went in a slightly different direction. I worked out what they were doing. All the gulls in the area were congregating. When a flock was all together it set off for it’s roost. I had happened on the place where they all met up! Wonderful!! Isn’t nature interesting??

I went down the hill, fed my adopted horse with carrots and went home buzzing with energy.

Back home I’ve been filling in time reading, editing my Harper book and writing my new Sci-fi novel. Following my walk I always come back with a head full of ideas.

Over our evening meal we were discussing lockdown. It seems strange to us that so many people are struggling with boredom. We don’t have enough time to fit in all we want to do. What depresses m,e is the repetition and not having any new stimuli. I want to meet up with friends, share meals, see my grandkids, kids and family. I want hugs, closeness and stimulating discussion.

I’m off in a minute to watch a drama on TV. I’ve got TV dramas coming out my ears. They all blend in together. I don’t think I can remember any of them.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland our nincompoop of a PM has let the Brazil variant loose! If it takes off we are in the shit.

His memesis – in the form of Rishi Sunak spoke well in a budget that went as expected. They can’t cut public servants any more so they promised a tax on companies – but not for three years – er – I think they’ll be an election around then? Or am I being cynical??

I laughed out loud when he once again said about dealing with tax evasion. How many times have we heard that? As the wealthy shove their money into off-shore tax havens and the sports stars set up companies so that they don’t pay any tax on the millions they earn – or simply live in Monaco most of the year!!

We all know who will pay for Covid and Brexit – don’t we??

BTW – no mention of the dire effects of Brexit in the budget! They are hiding all the job losses and collapsing firms (teething problems) under covid.

We all knew they would.

But Hey – Old Bojo is doing a great job isn’t he?? Only 124,000 deaths!

Stay safe!! The variant will be tracked down! Dido is on to it!

Help us all!!