Jam Tomorrow (But only if you vote for us)

I listened to the rabble in parliament yesterday as the chancellor (chief thief) set out his budget. They sounded like the silly public schoolboys they really are, baying and braying. People abroad listening in to this display of uncouth overprivileged nincompoops must wonder how on earth we ran an empire. My students would never have behaved like that. They were far more grown-up and sensible. It’s a behaviour born of Eton, isn’t it?

According to the chancellor everything is great, the Tories have done brilliantly, they are pouring money into everything, we are better than everybody else and the future looks rosy.

Out in the real world half the country is on strike because of having been robbed for twelve years, the other half is trying to make ends meet holding down three zero hours jobs, the shelves are empty and businesses are closing right left and centre because they can’t get the staff. After twelve years of cuts and austerity, of stealing from the poor to give to the rich, Britain is hopelessly broken.

7 thoughts on “Jam Tomorrow (But only if you vote for us)

  1. Opher, it’s great to see you taking on and spreading my moniker for that appalling prat “Jeremy C.” Yes, I really am the (or at least an) originator of that phrase! By the way, Hunt went to Charterhouse, not Eton.

      1. It’s got about the same chance of getting me as your local All Saints Church has of hauling you into Christianity as you sit in your garden!

        Remember, I went to one of the big public schools (Marlborough), so I know how the worst of their pupils can behave!

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