Thirteen Years of Tory misrule.

Public services have been decimated.

Local government decimated.

Roads in a mess.

Rail in a mess.

Privatisation creeping everywhere (so the wealthy can make more money)

Education in a mess.

NHS on its knees.

Crime on the rise.

Knife crime up.

Prices going through the roof.

Petrol through the roof.

Gas and electricity through the roof.

Shortages of staff.

Crops rotting in fields.

Shortages of lorry drivers.

Shortages of carers, nurses, crop pickers, waitresses, chefs, hotel staff………

Economy in a mess.

Massive red tape.

Queues at ports, delays and cancellations.

Care homes in crisis.

Firms closing or moving abroad.

Immigrants crossing the channel in droves.

Waves of strikes and industrial action.

Tax cuts, huge profits and bonuses for those at the top.

Truss’s answer to the problem is to give more money to the wealthy.

Lied to and treated like idiots.

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