Brexit – new poll suggests British people have woken up to the lies.

A new poll by right-wing TalkTV asking how people would vote if there was another referendum came up with interesting results:

Leave – 28.5%

Remain – 71.5%

That would suggest to me that people have realised that the lies they were fed about being better off after Brexit were empty words. Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage, for personal gain, lied. Far from having a Brexit dividend, the result has been an economic disaster. We are all much poorer.

Project Fear has morphed into Project Reality.

That does not bode well for Johnson. His boast about ‘Getting Brexit Done’ is likely to promote negative reactions. Most British people now realise that they were conned.

The Tories chose to do a stupidly extreme form of Brexit – not only leaving the EU but pulling out of the Single Market and Customs Union as well as all collaborations. A spectacularly insane choice and one that was not supported by a majority of people. The referendum was not for a hard Brexit. Far from it.

The ERG extremists have led us down a very stupid route for their own ideological brand of nasty nationalism coupled with their own personal gain. Some of them made a lot of money.

Getting Brexit done is likely to rebound on this bunch of incompetent self-servers!

As more information emerges about the disastrous impact of Brexit on our future economy I reckon that people will start to turn on the idiots who pushed it through – Johnson, Farage, Rees-Mogg and the rest of the Tory chances.

Cameron and Osborne have a lot to answer for! They’ve cost us hundreds of billions and landed us with Johnson and the most incompetent government we’ve ever had!!

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