Brexit – The truth!

This Tory Brexit was based on lies.
The Report from the Resolution Foundation

The Working Class was conned.

It has made the country much poorer.

It has made a number of Brexiteers very rich.

Boris Johnson backed it in order to become Prime Minister knowing it would be a disaster.

It has taken away many of our rights.

It has made us all poorer.

It has created mounds of unnecessary red tape.

It has reduced our power and influence.

So far it has cost us £130 Billion (more than we paid into the EU in 47 years)

It has placed a bunch of odious extreme nationalists in charge of our country.

It has eroded workers’ rights, depressed pay, caused shortages of labour and raised prices.

We are paying for it with higher prices and raised taxes.

Ever been duped????

To give the referendum to the people was stupid. The complexity was beyond their understanding. They made their choice based on lies, false patriotism, ugly nationalism, jingoism, racism and false promises. It was all a shabby contrick.

Here’s a bunch of Brexiteer lies:

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