Macron says Johnson’s a Clown – pandering to public opinion.

“It is sad to see a major country with which we could do huge numbers of things being led by a clown.”

I agree with Macron.

Like all populists Johnson does what he thinks will gain him popularity regardless of its effect on the country, the hate and division or the loss of money or lives.

That’s populism for you – catering to the lowest common denominator, using racism and scapegoating.

Reading what Macron had to say about him is saddening. He called him a clown and despaired at the decline of a great nation.

This is what Macron had to say about him:

The French president, Emmanuel Macron, referred to Boris Johnson in a private conversation as a “clown”, according to reports in France.

The political magazine Le Canard enchaîné, often described as the French equivalent of Private Eye, reported Macron as saying the British prime minister has “the attitude of a vulgarian”.

It came as Macron complained about Johnson’s behaviour after the leaders spoke by phone after last Wednesday’s sinking of a refugee boat in the Channel.

The French president was angered after Johnson tweeted a letter outlining a five-point plan to tackle the issue of Channel crossings. “I spoke two days ago with prime minister Johnson in a serious way,” Macron said at a press conference on Friday after the tweet. “For my part I continue to do that, as I do with all countries and all leaders. I am surprised by methods when they are not serious. We do not communicate from one leader to another on these issues by tweets and letters that we make public.”Advertisement

But according to the magazine, the president was even more damning in private. It quoted him as saying: “BoJo talks to me at full speed, everything is going fine, we have discussions like big people, and then he gives us a hard time before or afterwards in an inelegant way. It’s always the same circus.”

It added that Macron told his advisers that Johnson apologised privately for making France a scapegoat publicly over issues such as the Channel crossings and the “sausage war”.

Macron reportedly said: “It is sad to see a major country with which we could do huge numbers of things being led by a clown.”

It came as former French ambassador to the UK Sylvie Bermann told Times Radio that relations between France and the UK had “never been as bad since Waterloo”.

The French president is also understood to have blamed Johnson’s attitude towards France on the shortcomings of the Brexit deal.

Macron allegedly said: “Brexit is the starting point of the Johnson circus. Very quickly he realised that the situation was catastrophic for the British. There was no petrol in the pumps, there were shortages of a whole pile of products.

“He is positioning himself as the victim and making France the scapegoat. He tries to turn simple situations into complex problems. We’ve been in this position since March. He’s done it over the ‘sausage war’, over fishing, over the submarine affair.

“In private he says he’s sorry to behave like this, but he says that he has to consider public opinion over everything else.”

Britain today – the reality – the inequality – the lies and deceit.


What has happened in Britain over the last five years is shrouded in the fog of lies, obfuscations, misrepresentations and secrecy.

The Tories have supported the wealthy and business and villainised the public sector and poor. They have been able to do this because the media is owned by the wealthy and the trade union movement is totally ineffective.

Under the mantra of ‘we’re all in this together’ and ‘austerity’ the poor have been scapegoated while the bankers who created the problem are unscathed.

In way of illustration:

Public sector pay freezes, cuts, worsening conditions and pension cuts – the top 1000 wealthiest receive 30% pay rises.

Tax cuts for the wealthiest – clampdown on benefits for the poorest in society.

reduction of corporation tax to 24% (gives to businesses) – increase of VAT to 20% (hits workers)

Loss of working skilled jobs in manufacturing (cars, mining, ship-building, fishing) – increase of low pay, temporary, zero hours, shelf-stacking and service industry.

Increase of unpaid internships in politics and media ensuring that only the rich can have access. – Increase in low paid mickey-mouse apprenticeships where young people are exploited stacking shelves for a fraction of the pay.

Hue and cry over the terrible £1 Billion benefit fraud – hardly a sound about the £70 Billion tax evasion

Creeping privatising with outsourcing in the NHS (money to the boys) – hugely wasteful top down reorganisations of education, health, police that cost huge money, create chaos and demoralise staff so they cannot oppose

Austerity has resulted in people getting paid less so that the tax income for the government has gone down – result the National debt has almost doubled in just 5 years – from £.76 Billion to £1.36 Billion.

The divide between the rich and poor has never been greater. The media blame the poor for being lazy, feckless scroungers while the rich are creaming off the top like never before and laughing all the way to their private yachts and pent-house suites.

I would suggest that it is time to put an end to the selfishness and greed that is responsible for this inequality. For all people to contribute equally to this society. To address housing and poverty, fund the Schools, NHS, Police, Councils, Social Services and other Public Services properly so that ordinary people are properly catered for. To encourage manufacturing so that our young working class have proper jobs which pay well and they can take pride in and aspire to.

I want to live in a fair society where there is not this level of inequality. Where all people are valued and have pride in what they do and their country. Where everyone has a future.

This means that the wealthy should contribute much more.

I want to see a Labour Party that is proud of its Trade Union affiliations and stands up for the rights of working people.

I want to see a Green World and would suggest that this is the technology and industry that could be the future of the country. We need to invest in Green Technology and become world leaders.

We need to get our workforce involved in infrastructure projects that require skills, are well paid, create a more efficient economy for the future and create more well paid jobs that bring in more taxes and pay off our debt that is presently increasing by £2 Billion each and every week.

I want my grandchildren properly educated, healthy, safe on the streets, with plenty of amenities to use, and having a future to look forward to with a career that has worth.