Tory MPs on the Graft!

Working for us or working for themselves?? Raking it in!!


Unbelievable levels of Sleaze and Corruption

My computer hasn’t got enough memory for the whole gamut of Tory Sleaze!!

The only reason he sacked Zahawi was because of media pressure.

Sunak’s tax fiddling is all legal! Maybe!!

This Tory government has been a self-serving sleaze machine right from the movement when Johnson chose to go in for Brexit because he thought he could profit from it. Power and cash are all that Tories care about.

Thanks Stuart!!

Boris’s Lament

Boris’s Lament

You kicked me out, you bastards!

Threw me in the gutter!

I tell one teeny lie;

Down comes the shutter!

Just a bit of fun.

But I got Brexit done, didn’t I?

Even if it’s a fuck up.

Might cost us all a fortune

Cleaning the mess up.

But I got Brexit done.

What’s a hundred thousand deaths?

I got us all through covid!

I blustered my way through –

Splurge of Latin, dash of Ovid.

Didn’t kill everyone.

Who cares about the Care Homes?

Or all the lies I told?

Who cares if I’m leaving broken Britain

Shivering in the cold?

I’m the chosen one!

I brought in loads of food banks,

Brought the NHS to its knees;

But I had loads of parties

And really had a wheeze.

Filthy lucre by the ton.

You’ve given me more than I can take:

I still want it all!

No need now to redecorate;

Paper’s coming off the wall.

Now my race is run.

You kicked me out, you bastards!

Threw me in the gutter!

I tell one teeny lie;

Down comes the shutter!

Just a bit of fun.

Opher – 4.9.2022

This inept, immoral buffoon has run roughshod across every shred of decency left in politics. His legacy is a completely broken Britain. The public services are wrecked. The media is controlled. The wealthy have been raking it in as poverty creates misery. We’re heading for a totalitarian state.

Brexit was an absolute mess. The cretin negotiated the worst deal possible and has left the country weaker and poorer.

Covid was a nightmare with dithering Johnson going too late, too early and coming up with a raft of useless hugely expensive schemes that merely put huge sums of money in wealthy peoples’ pockets. He was bailed out by the vaccines.

This dithering clown has been receiving massive freebies from Russian oligarchs and lining his own pockets and is now off for a life of luxury leaving us to starve and freeze.

His legacy – BROKEN BRITAIN!!!

Wealthy on a Bonanza (while we struggle!)

the top 1% have creamed off 66% of the wealth created since the pandemic!

The Tory party, with all their sleaze and corruption, is, and always has been, the party that works on behalf of the wealthy!

The Mess the Country’s in!! So much for the Sunlit uplands!!

Twelve years of Tory cuts have brought us to this!

The Tory vision for Britain – A land of billionaires and paupers!! The haves and have-nots! Public services for the poor! The rich have their private schools, private health care and gated communities.

Britain declines into slums and poverty as the rich get richer and richer.

The world’s seventh-biggest economy shrinking into a banana republic.

Brexit. Broken Britain. A land of lies.

The big hypocrisy!

There are billions for bankers, for Tory donors, for VIP lane landlords, for corrupt MPs, for lobbyers and directors.

We can waste £42 billion on a EU divorce. We can squander £37 billion on useless T&T. We can write off billions of fraudulent loans, billions of useless PPE.

We can borrow for tax cuts but we can’t borrow for key workers. They are just being greedy.

Tory Corruption Finally Pays The Price

Tory Corruption Finally Pays The Price

Tories becoming desperate

Over the unravelling of their vote,

Risking complete annihilation in the polls.

Yesterday’s hero proving to be a contemptible

Clown; a lying, immoral chancer

Out for himself; out of his depth.

Relying on a string of untrue slogans and soundbites.

Reduced to a crooked party of sleaze,

Undeniably corrupt to the core,

Putting morality aside;

To arrogantly assume that people are stupid,

In their relentless pursuit of cash.

Overthrowing all decency as they

Nastily cut while handing out VIP lane contracts.

Opher – 26.12.2022

I’m enjoying doing these type of ‘poems’.

They have a ring to them.

It is good to see the Tories in such disarray. But it is incredibly sad to witness what a mess they have made of the country. They have truly left it in a terrible state.

Things were good when they came in but they have ravaged the public services with savage cuts so that everything is now in crisis.

They have used austerity to drive down salaries while giving massive handouts to the wealthy.

Arrogantly, as people seemed to continue to support them despite the incompetence, lies and corruption, they thought they could get away with anything. They made the same mistake as Trump. There comes a point where people turn and all the lies and propaganda cease to be effective.

Never have we seen this level of corruption and sleaze.

It’s truly criminal.

Where is the scrutiny and accountability?

Union Busting is not going to work!

There are two ways of dealing with this wave of strikes.

  1. To sit down with the unions and listen to their genuine grievances then negotiate to find a way forward that addresses the problems these workers face.
  2. Ignore the problems altogether. Become belligerent and nasty. Treat the low-paid people like scum. Try to bring in legislation to crush the life out of them.

This government is made up of extreme right-wing Tories. They don’t give a toss about the plebs. They want them to work more for less to increase profits for their own.

They are happy to hand out billions to their chums to stash away in the Cayman Islands but not give £3000 to a nurse so she can eat and keep her kids warm.

Raging inequality, corruption and a decade or more of cuts and austerity (while giving handouts of millions to the rich) have created a perfect storm. Things are so bad. Pay is so low. People can no longer survive!

Chuck the bastards out!!

Vote For Me!! Vote For Me!! I voted for tax rises now I’ll bring them down!! Vote For Me!! Promises are cheap!!

The race is on!! Which lying Tory can promise the most!! All as corrupt as each other!!

Reducing taxes??? Duuuuuh!! They are talking about reducing CORPORATION TAX!!! In other words they are promising to give more money to the rich!

They’ll throw a few shekels to the serfs in the north! They are stupid enough to vote for their own demise!!