Dishonourable Discharge

Thrown out in disgrace for lying to the House. He should have been kicked out well before for lying to the Queen, lying to the public, cynical betrayal, idleness, general incompetence and cavalier law-breaking.

Like Trump he thinks he is a law unto himself.

In Borisland all that matters is Boris.

Right from the moment he cynically decided to break Britain and go for Brexit just so he could have a shot at being PM you could see he was a selfish, bombastic, greedy narcissist.

Fuck charisma. It’s competence that counts.

He lied to everyone about oven-ready deals and sunlit uplands. He promised to get Brexit done and everything would be great. Typical for the bumbling fool – he didn’t have a plan or think it through. He seemed to think that if he just said it then it would magically happen.

A conman without a clue selling an old banger as a Ferrari.

What with illegal proroguing and lying to the Queen he got off to his usual start and usual standard – ie. morally corrupt.

Then we get on to the real corruption: the cronyism, the nepotism, the cash for questions, backhanders, donations, money for honours, wallpaper, boxes of ridiculously expensive wines, meals, luxury holidays.

The covid – vacillating between complacency and panic, ignoring the Cygnus report, too slow, too fast, chucking money around to Tory donors, Dildo Harding, Hand Cocks landlord, apps that didn’t work, Track and Trace. VIP lanes awarding contracts to people who didn’t even know what PPE was instead of using existing firms. Moonshots and eat out to help out. Splashing our money without thought.

We clapped for nurses, they saved his life, then he shafted them!

No money left for the public services or posties; it was all wasted on Brexit and Tory donors. Billions are now deposited (tax-free) in the Cayman Islands.

He was partying while everyone was being fined for walking the dog and was denied visits to dying relatives.

One law for Boris another for the rest of us.

When he met his comeuppance he set off to make his fortune stuffing millions away in the bank. He still took his MPs pay though even though he was abroad doing lucrative speaking and business deals (How much this year? 8 Million?). He’s missed 167 votes in the House. So much for representing his constituents. Being an MP isn’t even a part-time job. It seems that £86,500 salary as an MP is so petty you don’t have to even turn up let alone do anything. I bet the nurses would be happy to work for half that – and they’d turn up and work every day. Just imagine if they decided not to bother going in but to go around abroad doing other work?

What a scrounger!!

The saddest thing is that there are still people out there who are prepared to defend this immoral, lying, incompetent, greedy, idle, self-serving, over-privileged tub of lard!

History will show how this populist narcissist broke Britain! He’s done more damage to our economy and standing abroad than Covid and Suez combined.

I heard today that he got the big calls right. Bollocks! He had no choice or made disastrous choices.

Brexit he lied about and negotiated a disaster.

Ukraine happened and he saw a chance to play at being Churchill.

Vaccination was due to the drug companies and dug the incompetent twat out of the hole he was digging with Dildo and Hand Cock.

He shouldn’t just be kicked out of parliament; he should be locked up. He’s cost us tens of Billions and broken Britain! There should be full accountability!