Breaking News: Match Makers NOT on strike!!

Fortunately for the factories and smokers match-makers are one of the few people left in the country who are not on strike!!

Can the GDP go into negative values I wonder?

After twelve years of Tory misrule everybody’s pay was so low that they could not afford to eat and heat. Some are working three jobs and still not getting by.

A Tory spokesperson said: ‘Silly buggers. They should have donated to the Tory Party. They’d have been given millions for doing nothing.’

Meanwhile, Peeress Mone is not going to attend the House of Lords. A spokesperson said: ‘She can’t be arsed! £332 a sitting is peanuts! The interest on her £20 million will do nicely!’

Britain’s new multimillionaire Tory donors are feeling the pinch. Maintaining a superyacht and two penthouse suites with a country mansion, all fully staffed, requires a bigger income. A spokesperson said: ‘We’re calling on the government to start another pandemic or at least have another Brexit!’


When are we going to have a proper enquiry about Covid??

The locking down, unlocking, the panic, the waste of money on apps, T&T and PPE. The ludicrous contracts, THE VIP LANE!!!, the silly schemes – Eat out to Help out, the lack of preparedness, the Cygnus report, the useless PPE, the writing off of Billions! The way the NHS has been run down for the last 12 years!

Is it all just brushed under the carpet??

Riddle sums the Tories up! A Cesspit of sleaze.

How have they got away with this for twelve years!! They’ve made fortunes out of this while robbing the country!! I heard today that Hancock is making £400,000 from his jaunt in the jungle – while he’s meant to be working as an MP!! Johnson has been on holiday for three months instead of working as the MP he’s being paid to be – on £84,000. But the income from that (nearly three times the salary of a nurse) plus his huge pay out from being kicked out as a PM – £18,000 handshake and £115,000 a year – is considered peanuts to him. He’s been sorting out colossal multimillion pound deals (putting hay in his loft like Cameron, Osborne and Farage).

These Tory MPs are taking us all for a ride. There’s no money to pay a nurse and extra £3000 but there plenty enough to give peeress Money £29 million and her husband £60 million.

This is well beyond a joke. This is corruption and sleaze on a grand scale!!

Then we have the arrogance, bullying and lies!!

Britain has become a cesspit under the Tories!!

Free Money for Mone!! £29 million to be exact! Secretly via the VIP lane!!

Want to become rich? Just become a Tory peer! They’ll hand you riches on a plate!

Where’s Johnson now??? Stuffing hay in his loft!!

Where are Cameron and Osborne now?? Remember we’re all in it together!! Austerity for you but millions for me!!

No Wonder There’s A Container Shortage!!

The end result of the Illegal VIP Lane run by the Tories in order to give massive multimillion-pound contracts to their chums is that we have hundreds of millions of pounds of useless PPE sitting in containers costing us millions to store!

That’s our money they’ve been handing out to their mates!!

Like Brexit, it’s cost us an arm and a leg!!