Riddle sums the Tories up! A Cesspit of sleaze.

How have they got away with this for twelve years!! They’ve made fortunes out of this while robbing the country!! I heard today that Hancock is making £400,000 from his jaunt in the jungle – while he’s meant to be working as an MP!! Johnson has been on holiday for three months instead of working as the MP he’s being paid to be – on £84,000. But the income from that (nearly three times the salary of a nurse) plus his huge pay out from being kicked out as a PM – £18,000 handshake and £115,000 a year – is considered peanuts to him. He’s been sorting out colossal multimillion pound deals (putting hay in his loft like Cameron, Osborne and Farage).

These Tory MPs are taking us all for a ride. There’s no money to pay a nurse and extra £3000 but there plenty enough to give peeress Money £29 million and her husband £60 million.

This is well beyond a joke. This is corruption and sleaze on a grand scale!!

Then we have the arrogance, bullying and lies!!

Britain has become a cesspit under the Tories!!