Living in the ruins of Broken Britain

13 years of cuts, austerity and unrestricted greed!! They’ve plundered and enriched themselves! We live in the wreckage!

Public services



Rivers and beaches

Energy costs

Food costs

Brexit disaster

Tax evasion

Billions squandered

Billions given away to chums

VIP lanes


PPE scandal

Covid deaths

Corruption and sleaze

All off on multimillion-pound contracts.

Cameron, Osborne, May, Johnson, Farage, Truss, Sunak – how much are they all making??

The only place doing really well is the Cayman Islands!!

I’m just looking at the Desperate Tory policy changes!!

They’ve looked at the Hammersmith by-election and the ULEZ controversy and think there are votes to be had by allowing the planet to burn!

They are now on the side of motorists not little children dying of asthma, not people crippled by fumes and air pollution. They think they can appeal to voters by dumping green policies.

Who cares if the world burns? People are selfish. Appeal to their selfishness; appeal to their pockets.

So – look out for a desperate culture wars where we ignore slavery and the reality of the Empire with its wars and racism; we celebrate our history and glorious little England and sweep all the abuse (both home and abroad) under the carpet. We conveniently forget the massive poverty, child labour, prostitution and slums (while the elite lived in their mansions with servants and prospered at the expense of slaves, child labour and working class poverty). We are British and proud! Who cares about the truth!!

And who do these Tories represent? – The same robber barons who exploited us all in the past. So prepare for another bout of Little England phoney British nationalism. I can’t wait to read the headlines on the Mail, Sun and Express as they set about brainwashing, dividing and manipulating us!

The battle lines are being drawn! LET THE PLANET BURN!!! WASN’T BRITAIN GREAT!!!

The only people happy with Cruella Braverman’s Rwanda Deportation Scheme

Instead of processing the immigrants quickly and sending back the ones who have no case she’d rather spend £62,000 on each one of them (as a horrible cruel deterrent). Forget human rights. Breaking laws is what they do. Laws are for the likes of us – not them!

Compassion has become a foreign word.

Greed and Power are all that matters.

Fat Cat Bankers – they can be trusted to regulate themselves. What can possibly go wrong??

Let them out!! We’re getting desperate here!! We need growth at any cost – even if it means another great crash.

This is the Tory way! Let the greed point the way. Growth, growth, growth. We’re desperate.

We drove them away with Brexit – now entice them back with a free-for-all bonanza and let the plebs pick up the bill.

Who cares about tomorrow??

Deregulation – that always works, doesn’t it?

Who needs rules when you’ve got greed? Money Money Money (As long as it’s someone else’s).