Mone – tip of a shocking Sleazeberg!! They should be locked up!!

How many billions of our money were squandered during Covid and Brexit?? Shady deals, handouts, aps, T&T, PPE. Billions just doshed out to Tory chums. Peeress Mone, with her £29 million of ill-gotten gains is just the tip of a massive sleazeberg of incompetence and outright corruption.

We are, as a country, struggling to pay teachers, nurses, border control staff, ambulance drivers, postal workers and a host of others, a living wage.

We are facing decades of austerity because of a gaping £30 billion hole.

It’s not surprising really. Brexit has knocked our economy for six. Knocked 4% off our GDP.

But more startling is the disgusting sleaze, corruption and incompetence surrounding Covid. The Tories ran a VIP lane giving billions away to their friends (like Peeress Mone and Hancock’s landlord), they ran a Chumocracy putting incompetent Tories into hugely expensive salaries – Like the incompetent Dildo Harding – whose salary is still secret – though hundreds of consultants she employed were paid a £1000 a day. We can only speculate on what Dido was paid.

Let’s dig into the sleazeberg:

£37 billion wasted by Dido Harding on a useless Track and Trace system

£4 billion thrown away on unusable PPE

£4.3 billion written off on fraud (imagine??)

£20 billion written off on unpaid covid loans (£20 fucking billion!! – who the hell was vetting? Who was in charge? Who received all this money? Why aren’t they recovering it?)

£40 million on an app that never saw the light of day (we could have used the European one – but hey – the ERG would rather we all died)

This is probably nowhere near complete. VIP lanes corruption, chumocracy and utter incompetence has cost us – let me see now???? Err, ummm – £65.7 Billion!!!

That’s over twice what we needed to plug the hole. That’s enough to give the nurses, teachers and everyone else a sizeable pay rise!

Oh – I forgot – we can afford to give Tory peeresses £29 million for doing fuck all but we can’t afford to give a nurse £3,000 for risking her life and working round the clock.

That sound like fairness to you? Me neither!!

Sunak is shocked – as if he wasn’t involved!! He’s been part of all this corruption!!