Fools are Fooled – a poem

Fools are Fooled


The gullible are roused

By the glib gamesman

With the gift of the gab

To suit a gnat’s attention span.


‘The threats from outside

Not from within.’

He tells them sincerely

While raking it in.


He watches them all

Through podgy piggy eyes.

Rubbing his hands

With disdainful disguise.


All too easy to play this game –

Fooling the punters –

Feeding them lines

Feeding the grunters.


Down through the centuries

The stupid are played

With statistics and fears

Cunningly displayed.


The men with the power

Pull all the strings.

While the ignorant sheeple

Keep taking it in.


They sneer as they speak

Knowing they will win.

People too stupid

To know where to begin.


They crow and they strut

Secure in their power

While the losers all pray

To their ivory towers.


Opher 17.6.2018



Well Trump was my model for this poem. His arrogance and disdain are so openly expressed. That is unusual. Most of the bastards keep it hidden. I think his sheer disbelief that he is getting away with it has created an open contempt. He thinks he can get away with anything.

We can be sure that there is at least one person in America who is getting incredibly rich with each passing second. He gloats about it.

One day we will wake up and stop putting people like this in charge.

6 thoughts on “Fools are Fooled – a poem

  1. I actually form an opposite opinion and very much think that it is certainly not uncommon for leaders to openly express arrogance and disdain.
    Merkel did it last week at the German parliament by walking out during the turn of her opposition. She’s now so big for her boots that she doesn’t have to listen to a n other.
    We hear it week in, week out from these Eurocrat bastards undermining our attempts to escape from their demonic clutches. There’s an entire posse of them all lined up taking pot shots. To hell with them.
    The difference with Trump is he’s also giving two fingers to the corruption within the Senate that’s so officiously blind that they shot themselves in the foot pre-elections and simply cannot forgive themselves for doing so.
    It was the Republicans that asked for a restructuring of the voting process and the in-power at the time Democrats said absolutely no. So despite Clinton winning the popular vote, Trump slid into first place. A lesson learned, never count your chickens…
    I’m not too sure what you’re actually alluding to concerning “getting away with it”.
    However, It must be said that he’s done a very good job on employment figures in just 18 months and it would be foolish to deny that. He’s also not engaged in anything to do with Obama’s heinous nuclear development programme, which must also be a very good thing too.
    I think you’ll find that there are actually several million Americans getting richer by the second also. And some non-Americans. That old tosser Paul McCartney, who’s not written a decent anything for how long, earns $10,000 an hour. For what, singing an old pop song. Please.
    Don’t blame Trump for something he didn’t create. You can indeed blame him for being incredibly successful and one of the shrewdest business persons ever in the history of American commerce.

    1. No – sorry – I am not impressed at all by Trump. I do not regard him as a shrewd businessman either. His empire was built on exploitation. He has increased employment but from the wrong things. He has relaxed regulations and supported old polluting industries. It may pay off short-term but will result in long-term disasters – environmental damage, workers rights and safety and an industry that will largely be left in the past leaving America behind. He should have been investing in non-polluting modern industry with renewables and high-tec. Shame on him.
      Yes there are many pompous, arrogant, exploiting leaders. They all need booting out but Trump is the worst.

      1. No, sorry. You are extremely mistaken. I’ve no idea of your personal history in business – if any at all, but he’s shrewd with a capital S and would have thought that obvious to anybody.
        No, his empire was not built on exploitation – if was in fact built with intelligence and hiring the right sort of people – achievers, leaders, and field experts. It wouldn’t be possible to get where’s he’s got to without such people. This positive environment in turn promotes hundreds of thousands of employment opportunities.
        Of course, perhaps you’re one of these people who believes that anybody who employs anybody else is therefore, exploiting by nature of employment.
        I have no idea at all of what you refer to regarding workers rights and safety. Don’t you know that the Unions take care of all that? Do you think for a second he’s over-riding the Unions? No, that’s not a possibility.

        May I suggest you take measures to correct your inaccuracies and go the trouble of actually finding out what’s been done and what’s currently happening. Because judging from what I’ve just read from you, you are nothing more than one of these individuals who doesn’t like for doesn’t like’s sake.
        Regards renewables and high-tech. Presently the US is saturated with these industries. Furthermore, they don’t always compute into the traditional industrial heartlands where human brawn strength and brute-force are pre-requisite. Industry still requires heavy-duty work modes. Have you seen inside a steel plant?
        We can’t do anything without steel. We can’t build or manufacture. What he’s done is bringing such manufacturing back from Asia, and given work to his own unemployed people. Anybody who objects to that is an idiot.

        I can certainly think of considerably worse leaders than Trump.
        Start with Jean-Claude Juncker and Angela Merkel.

      2. No sorry – it is you who is mistaken. Give me Merkel and Juncker any day and I don’t have any time for either of them.

      3. Then you haven’t any idea what governs the business model.
        It’s not a laboratory, all clean and neat. Fixing bad industries is dirty work and takes real men, not people in white coats wearing gloves and protective glasses, holding a health and safety check list.

        Instead of taking snaps of pretty things – which do indeed have their place, perhaps take some time out and wonder to yourself what to do with Detroit and Philadelphia and American core industry. Do you let it rot or do you kick it into action?
        Regardless, judging by your attitudes, I reckon you’d make one terrible leader of men. You’re a health and safety woosy-nerd who never made a cent for anybody. I reckon you spent you’re entire life being an on-cost.

        You do have time for Juncker and Merkel because how many times have I read you crying on about Brexit? How many times? Don’t lie to me, you want to be in the EU, so to want that you must be accepting of these bastards, because they’re not going anywhere in the immediate future. Merkel used to be a DDR communist, that’s what she came from, so it’s so surprise to me that the likes of you has an affiliation to that sort of thing. You’re welcome to it.

        I understand that you and I are completely different types of people. I love successful heavy industry. I get my kicks from that. You get yours from looking at flowers and old fossils. Fine. But which one puts money in your pocket? Never bite the hand that feeds. That’s a very common leftist trait. They can never generate a cent, but the first to start crying when the cents stop rolling their way.
        Or do you want to argue that toss as well?

      4. You are supporting old dead industry. We don’t need it. The world has moved on. Hi-tech, AI and non-polluting new technology is the way forward. Those old industries are dinosaurs. They need replacing with the new.
        The sad thing is that Philadelphia and Detroit have to reinvent themselves and move into the 21st century. The other sad thing is that Trump is boosting old-fashioned fossils for his own short-term gain. It is glaringly obvious. He is going for short-termism rather than tackling the real problem. In the long run that does nobody any good.
        The problem is that we no longer need all those workers. With modern technology they are surplus to requirements. That is the problem that needs solving.
        Yes I do support Europe. I want a far more global approach to all matters and that is a step in that direction. No I do not support bureaucratic undemocratic people here or in Europe. There is much that needs putting right in Europe and the world. But hiding away behind temporary walls and pretending it will go away is not the answer. We need to unite across the world and find a better way of doing things. Right now we are messing up big time. The establishment is a disaster.

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