There are Those – a poem

There are Those


There are those who would bomb

And those who would talk;

Those who would hate

As savage as a hawk.


Those who would build

And those who destroy;

Those who are friendly

And those who annoy.


Some are the torturers.

Some are the dead.

Some will say anything.

Some are just led.


Under the power of those who control

We obey all our masters and go out on patrol.

Man all the ovens – apply electricity

For that’s what it takes to keep our land free.


But when we remove the head from the hood

The face that peers at us is from our own neighbourhood.


Opher 29.6.2018



My mum used to say that it takes all sorts to make the world go round. Unfortunately some of those sorts are none too pleasant. They manipulate us in order to gain power and wealth. It is hard to tell the genuinely nice from the positively evil.

Fascists always look for a scapegoat to blame. We have problems with immigration and terrorism. That makes for a handy excuse to ratchet up the fear. Our culture is under threat. It’s the bloody Muslims!

Meanwhile who is it that is gaining the power and wealth?

I think the real threat is nearer to home.

There are those who are using us.

4 thoughts on “There are Those – a poem

  1. Ever read Jacob Bronowski and his view that history demonstrates two types of peoples: most being peaceful, but there are always marauders and invaders who try steal and plunder.

    1. The Ascent of Man – I remember it well. I think he was right. Most people are pleasant and friendly. They will work, play and lend a helping hand. Then there are those nasty types who would steal and destroy. They like nothing more than to pull down anything that other people build. One sees it every day.

      1. Yeah, it describes history pretty well. But sometimes the people band together and create democracies and the like.

      2. Now we need to band together and make that democracy work so that the greedy, selfish, corrupt, nasty minority don’t spoil it for everyone.

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