Fed on Garbage – a poem

Fed on Garbage


Fed on garbage

Unable to think.

Crammed full of lies

From the fetid stink.


Gameshow and reality TV

Soaps and distractions

In the land of the free.

Controlled by the ruling faction

All the way to death

Right from the first contraction.

Manipulated and fed the fake

By a bunch of greedy bastards

On the take.


Opher 17.6.2018



We’re all brought up to be good consumers and not to think. They don’t want anybody upsetting the apple cart. They like it as it is. The establishment are quite happy keeping everybody distracted while they are busy raking in the profits.

It’s cheap to keep people quiet.

Roll out the computer games, ratchet up the drugs. Produce the TV shows and soaps.

Keep ‘em quiet.

There’s money to be made.

4 thoughts on “Fed on Garbage – a poem

  1. There are no good drugs being promoted by the government. In fact they are doing their utmost with taking them away. A losing game of course, but sometimes effective when addressed against a particular individual.

    But I would not complain too much given that we are a nation of 60 million, with some 40 million with somewhat sub-standard abilities, intellect and pro-active deportment. We do have an awful amount of dead wood in this country, particularly in the middle of England. They need something to while away their day and dumb TV seems to work a treat and takes their mind off wanting to rob our homes. Long may it continue.

    1. I don’t quite share your cynicism Martin. I worked with teenagers for 36 years and was impressed by their vitality, compassion and idealism. Something numbing happens to them.
      Yes the drugs, gameshows and computer games do while away the hours for many without purpose and keeps them out of trouble. I’d hope for a more meaningful culture and wide awake population.
      As for drugs – well they have a history of peddling drugs. I’m not so sure. We need a sensible approach to drugs. The present situation with drugs and alcohol is pathetic.

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