Democracy – is it achievable?

Democracy – is it achievable?

Posted on  by Opher

For there to be a true democracy a number of factors have to be achieved:

a. We have to have a good choice of candidates.

b. We have to be informed.

c. There should be no bias.

d. Everybody has to have a vote.

e. Every vote should count.

f. Those elected need to be accountable.

What we have is a sham democracy. We have a two-party system of supposedly representational democracy. We have a binary vote. With our one vote we are presumed to support the entire agenda of the political parties manifesto. The whole system is corrupt. It is run by money and power. We are being manipulated, brainwashed and lied to.

a. We never have a good choice of candidates. It’s a two-horse race. The political parties have vested interests. Good candidates do not get selected. We have a limited choice between the lesser of two evils. Without huge financial backing no other candidate stands a chance. The media provides the exposure required. The media has to be bought. The media backs who they are told to back. Propaganda rules.

b. With a biased media run by the establishment no election is fair. Antiestablishment candidates or parties are tarnished, lied about and misrepresented. They have no chance. He who controls the media controls the people. We are never properly informed on issues, candidates or parties. Our electorate is politically uneducated.

c. The media is biased. The internet is worst of all. We are fed lies. We are misinformed. Those squealing fake news are the biggest liars.

d. Everyone has a vote. That is a weakness. The stupid, ignorant and most gullible have the same vote as the intelligent, informed and discerning. The stupid, ignorant and most gullible are a majority. This makes it possible for cynical politicians to lie, cheat, promise and blatantly fool the electorate.

e. My vote has never counted. I have always lived in an area that is strongly for one party or another. The only votes that really count are those in swing seats – a small minority. Until we move to proportional representation most votes count for nothing.

f. They are never accountable. They lie, spin and refuse to answer questions. They look for scapegoats and refuse to take the blame for their sleaze, corruption or mistakes. The Tories refuse to appear on any programme that would ask awkward questions or hold them to account.

This is a sham democracy. It fails on all counts.

It needs changing.

It could be made to work – but it is not in the interests of our ‘masters’ to have a functional democracy. They are happy with it as it is!!

8 thoughts on “Democracy – is it achievable?

  1. Agree 100%. We are fed the line that we live in a democracy but in reality it is controlled.
    It is a lot better than some countries but that should not mean we just accept it. I think a lot of people feel helpless and that our votes do not really count.
    I can not see this changing as we seem to be unable to unite and force the changes that are needed.

    1. Yes. I think the only way we can get change is if we ban the tabloid press and move to some for of Proportional Representation so that every vote does count.

      1. Democracy, by definition Moshe, is the rule of the people. – a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives:
        But I take your point. As seen with referenda, the people are often ignorant and lacking in intelligence. Even so….. far better than a dictator like Trump, Franco, Stalin, Hitler or Netanahuy.

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