Fools are Fooled

Fools are Fooled – a poem

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Fools are Fooled

The gullible are roused

By the glib gamesman

With the gift of the gab

To suit a gnat’s attention span.

‘The threats from outside

Not from within.’

He tells them sincerely

While raking it in.

He watches them all

Through podgy piggy eyes.

Rubbing his hands

With disdainful disguise.

All too easy to play this game –

Fooling the punters –

Feeding them lines

Feeding the grunters.

Down through the centuries

The stupid are played

With statistics and fears

Cunningly displayed.

The men with the power

Pull all the strings.

While the ignorant sheeple

Keep taking it in.

They sneer as they speak

Knowing they will win.

People too stupid

To know where to begin.

They crow and they strut

Secure in their power

While the losers all pray

To their ivory towers.

Opher 17.6.2018

Well Trump was my model for this poem. His arrogance and disdain are so openly expressed. That is unusual. Most of the bastards keep it hidden. I think his sheer disbelief that he is getting away with it has created an open contempt. He thinks he can get away with anything.

We can be sure that there is at least one person in America who is getting incredibly rich with each passing second. He gloats about it.

One day we will wake up and stop putting people like this in charge.

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