The Trump guide to Economic Success – and the downside.

Creating short-term economic success is easy:

  1. Give big tax cuts to the wealthy so that they have more money to invest.
  2. Remove the environmental legislation so that they can pollute and do not have to waste money cleaning up their act.
  3. Remove environmental and planning restrictions so that they can build where they like, mine, log and dump without thought for nature or people.
  4. Remove health and safety regulations so that workers can work faster and cheaper.
  5. Deunionise and remove labour laws so that wages can be lower and working conditions worse, thus increasing profits.

The economy will grow.

There will be more jobs.

The wealthy will make a lot more money.

The Downside:

The economic miracle has large downsides – all of these appear further down the line

  1. The wealthy use tax loopholes to avoid paying their taxes and take their money abroad to invest in higher yields and tax havens.
  2. The water, soil and air are polluted creating a massive health problem – allergies, asthma, cancers.
  3. Nature is destroyed.
  4. The landscape is ravaged by mining, logging, fracking and factories. It looks ugly.
  5. The climate and weather are affected.
  6. Thousands die or are injured at work through unsafe work practice.
  7. People find themselves on zero-hours contracts, working all hours for peanuts.
  8. The inequality worsens. We have a bunch of the superrich and the rest of us languish in increasing poverty.
  9. Crime worsens.
  10. We have ghettos in cities and huge unemployment.
  11. It costs a fortune to clear up the mess that is created by the slackening of environmental and planning laws and relaxing of health and safety.
  12. We have a lot of early deaths and poor health.

The Trump economic miracle is a short-term plan to make rich people a lot richer at the expense of everyone else and nature.

It’s a recipe for disaster.