Photography – Stradbroke Island near Brisbane Australia No. 2 – more beauty and incredible wild-life.

Photography – Stradbroke Island near Brisbane Australia No. 2 – more beauty and incredible wild-life.

Stradbroke Island was incredible. Huge swells crashing on to rocky shores.

IMG_8534 IMG_8577

Wild birds


Fruit bats colonies. Bats feeding off the incredible nectar rich flowers – most plants were pollinated by birds and not insects.

IMG_8625 IMG_8627 IMG_8647 IMG_8704 IMG_8714

IMG_8722 IMG_8773

Incredible beaches with sand, driftwood and skeletal trees.

IMG_8774 IMG_8778 IMG_8802 IMG_8839

Koalas in the trees – well a koala. It was the only one we saw in six weeks in the bush. They are becoming rare. Their habitat is being destroying and the road kill has turned a common sight into a rarity. Soon they will be gone.


Bird pollinated, nectar-rich flowers.


Hard Times are Coming – a poem

Hard Times are Coming


From the water world to the drought

Hard times are coming.

From the Sahara ocean

To the Atlantic desert

Hard times are on their way.


Growing crops on mountain tops.

Hard times are coming

From the arid Amazon

To the flooded Gobi

Hard times are on their way.


Fishing over Holland, trawling Bangladesh

Hard times are coming.

Cities under water

Fields a fishing bank

Hard times are on their way.


They are coming

They are on their way.

Shoulda listened

To what they had to say.


Opher – 1.4.2019



There are a bunch of very wealthy people who profit from destruction and chaos. Their enemy is stability and order.

They are immoral beyond understanding. They don’t pull and triggers, wield any chainsaws, or even give orders. They just quietly work in the background creating the circumstances, buying off the right people, influencing the decisions – and creaming off the vast profits.

Somehow they have convinced a segment of people that they cannot believe anything they hear. The Earth is flat. There were no moon landings. 9/11 was the CIA. The UN is an instrument of the globalist wealthy. All scientists and experts lie and are in the pay of politicians. Capitalism has raised standards for ordinary people.

The result is that all wealth of the world is concentrated in a few hundred pockets. Billions live in abject poverty and are exploited. There are wars. The environment is being systematically destroyed. The tsunami of human beings is swamping the world.

They do not care. They profit from it. This is just how they like it.

But hard times are coming. We know who will be to blame. It will be us.

One Gaff and a Slow Slice – a poem

dolphins dolphins2 dolphins 4

This was a number of my Anthropocene Apocalypse poems.

The dolphins and porpoises have bigger brains than us. They are certainly intelligent. But they are gentle creatures with no need to build shelters or machines, let alone weapons.

I stood on the hills above Wineglass Bay in Tasmania with  my wife Liz and my friends Dylan and Julia. It is one of the most beautiful sights with its emerald green water and golden sands. I thought it was called Wineglass Bay solely because of its shape as a wine glass. It wasn’t. In the older days they would herd thousands of dolphins into the shallow water. The hunters would stand in the water gaffing them with huge serrated hooks and sawing through their necks to sever the spinal cord with great serrated knives. They would continue in an orgy of murder until all the trapped terrorised animals were slaughtered and the water they stood in was turned from emerald green to crimson. From the hills the water of the bay was turned red as if it was a half-full glass of Beaujolai.

Can you imagine that much blood?

Can you imagine the pain? To be speared with a huge gaff while some brute slowly cuts through your body with a great knife?

You’d think that was bad enough. But those were uncivilised days. People were brutalised. Except it is still going on. In the Faroe Islands they are still doing this.

They are as bad as the sadists of ISIS!

One Gaff and a Slow Slice

One gaff

And a slow serrated slice,

Sawing and hacking to the cord.

Then relief.

Agony prolonged,


and grief.


Gentle and trusting

Easily herded

Into the shallows

Where the blood

Is curded.


Gleefully stabbed.

The shock resounds.

Excited hunter

With joy rebounds.


No concept of the pain.

Sad meat upon the shore

Crimson seeps between

Each grain

But the fever

Still screams

For more.


Butchered in the sunset

Ruddy water


The crime.

Hunter stands

In depths

Of gory grime

As one

Of the great tragedies

Of our time.

Opher 4.7.2015

Poetry – The Horn – a poem about rhinoceroses and their imminent extinction. An Anthropocene Apocalypse poem.

Poetry – The Horn – a poem about rhinoceroses and their imminent extinction. An Anthropocene Apocalypse poem.

rhino dead-rhino-645X430

The Horn

I’ve got the horn

Ripped straight

From the Head

Does wonders in Bed.

An explosion of lead


And dead.


Hacked clean

Into something



Poor eyesight;

It never saw us

The very last



Opher 4.7.2015


We are rapidly wiping out the wild things, the forests, the wilderness as we increase in number and extend our range. Soon the whole world will be a huge concrete and plastic jungle.

We may keep the DNA safe so that in saner times it might be reconstituted into living organisms.

One day, when we’ve become wiser and more civilised, there might be a programme to reinstate nature. I’m not sure I would completely approve. Designed wilderness is a poor substitute but perhaps it will be better than nothing.

If we survive that long.

The rhino is doomed because of superstition and money. You may as well use nail filings as rhino horn. They are exactly the same keratin. There is no medicinal value. It does not give you the horn. Yet the customers will pay. The rhinos will pay and the hunters get paid. That is how decision in this world get made.

Please help protect Brazil’s Rainforest!! Sign the petition!

President Bolsanaro of Brazil is an extreme right-winger who puts profit before people and Nature. He is presently allowing the big logging companies and mining companies to destroy the rainforest at an alarming rate.

Money is all he cares about.

He needs telling that there are more important things in life. Please help protect this amazing place with all its wonderful life. Go to the link below and sign the petition.

We need to stand up against these bullies and vandals who are destroying our planet.

Anthropocene Apocalypse – great new policy on verges and wild flowers!

Anthropocene Apocalypse – great new policy on verges and wild flowers!


Congratulations to East Riding of Yorkshire Council! I assume it is a changed policy. I have been remarking on the number of wild flowers at the side of the road. It has made an exceptionally colourful display this Spring.

I wondered why this was.

I noticed that the verge cutting has been confined to one strip near the road. The rest was left over to the wild flowers. That is brilliant. The flowers not only look pretty but they are providing a huge amount of nectar and pollen for the bees and butterflies. Their seeds will provide food for the birds. I hope every county and country is doing this. Excessive mowing may make things a little tidier but far less beautiful. I prefer the flowers, butterflies and bees.

It is just the sort of thing we need to be doing to help our beleaguered insect population. The other big thing would be to stop the farmers spraying their crops with insecticides. The neonicotinoids are decimating the bees, butterflies and other insects. They need to stop.

I’d much rather have the odd mark on my fruit than kill off the insects!

Wonder and Awe – Human Evolution.

Wonder and Awe – Human Evolution.

evolution evolution6

We were not always alone as we are now. Although we share 99% of our genes with chimpanzees and gorillas, our closest living relatives, we are different. The prime difference being the size of our brains and our intelligence. Once there were a whole host of different humans.

We evolved in the Rift Valley in Ethiopia. We are all of African descent. We are all one species.

The fossil and DNA evidence is conclusive. Racists and creationists have nowhere to hide. All they can do is deny.

A mere five million years ago our common ancestor split off from the chimp line. The Australopithecines had a brain weight of 500 grams (slightly bigger than a chimp). By 1.8 million years ago there were numerous groups of hominids living in the Rift Valley region. We were not alone. They included Homo habilis and Homo erectus.

Life in the Rift Valley was precarious. There was a lot of climatic change.

By 1.4 million years ago only Homo erectus had survived. But their brain size had evolved to 1000 grams.

800,000 years ago Homo heidelbergensis had evolved. Their brain weight had jumped to 1400 grams (comparable to modern man). They gave rise to both the Neanderthals and Homo sapiens.

Homo sapiens evolved with a brain weight of 1500 grams only 200,000 years ago. We lived alongside our close, and more intelligent, cousins Homo Neanderthal until 45,000 years ago.

We have only been alone for 45,000 years. What a mess we’ve made of things in such a short time!

We are so new that if you took a baby from 200,000 years ago and brought them up in the present day they could be a nuclear scientist, president or rocket scientist without any trouble. We haven’t changed. Our brains are the same.

I like to imagine that somewhere, in a secluded garden of Eden, hidden away, a group of surviving Neanderthals have set up home. Despairing of the destructive violence of their cousins they cloistered themselves away.

I wonder what they would make of the world we have made and our invention of war, religion, pollution, overpopulation, politics, climate change, cruel ways to kill other animals and enough greed, selfishness and power-madness to destroy the planet.

Perhaps with their wisdom and intelligence they could convince us that there is a better way of living. We could take a lesson from the whales and dolphins. We could be gentle and live in a self-sustaining manner in harmony with each other and the planet.

I hope we find them soon. I’m scared of being alone with the megalomaniacs raging around me.

Poetry – Dawn – an ode to a beautiful sunrise.

Poetry – Dawn – an ode to a beautiful sunrise.


This was a bit of a personification of the world and the heavens with no deity intended.

It was one of those magic mornings that make you stand speechless and stare. The sun was rising above the horizon to paint the clouds in vivid orange, red, purple, pink and yellow. The majesty was sublime.

The Earth was enveloped by the heavens and it radiated warmth.

I never tire of sunrises and sunsets. They are magical, mystical and moving. It’s the perfect birth or death.



Dawn mounted her golden throne

And called the souls of velvet petalled flowers

To shriek their envy

At the clouds

Bedecked in salmon gowns of lace

With purple trim


She spread her hands

And peaked between her orange fingers

To reach with glistening shards

To trace the outlines of the hills

And leave their afterglow

Etched in vivid silhouette


And the world stood still to watch

Before exhaling

In celebration

To fill the new day

With its electric buzz

And exuberant trill


Assured and serene she stood

To survey the rebirth of the world

To look down upon the newborn hues

Of revealed majesty;

Another mundane miracle,

And nodded her aproval

From within the Heaven’s contented sighs.


Opher 18.6.96

Photography – Cairns – Daintree and a few birds – including the psychedelic ostrich that is a cassowaries!

Photography – Cairns – Daintree and a few birds – including the psychedelic ostrich that is a cassowaries!

Cassawaries are getting very rare. They are too often the victims of cars and end up as large roadkill. We had given up hope of seeing one. It was getting dark – hence these shots are not as bright and sharp as they could have been. Then this family of gorgeous psychedelic birds walked right out into the road in front of us! Amazing.

IMG_9929 IMG_9940 IMG_9942 IMG_9943 IMG_9944 IMG_9946 IMG_9952IMG_9696IMG_9705

This ibis were flocking to roost at the top of some trees in Cairns.


These swallows were getting a free ride on the ferry across to Daintree park.