Photos from around Salle Australia – staying with friends

Huntsman spide (As big as a house!)

Bower bird bower.

Funnel-web spider


Rory Mcloud in the middle of nowhere!

My Photos of Australian animals pt. 2

This is all the wondrous life that is being destroyed by climate change, big business and corrupt politicians.

No!! The economy is not more important than this fabulous wildlife. We have to make room for both us and them!!



My Photos of Australian animals pt. 1

Being a zoologist who just loves animals having the opportunity to go to Australia was paradise. I was able to see a whole range of Australian animals before the politicians in cahoots with big business kills them all off.

I saw some spectacular wildlife. A big thank you to Pete and Trudy who made that possible. I’m forever in your debt!

Poetry – Battered but not broken

Battered but not broken


Battered branches with limpid leaves

Hang exhausted before the onslaught

Of the gale.

Robbed of their nascent, verdant virility

They forlornly cling to life,

Gathering themselves

Like a boxer between rounds.


Below the drifts of drying debris

Is testament to the ferocity

Of nature.

Piqued by insult

She rounded against friend and foe

In a tantrum of frustration

Before settling back to brooding.


In future years we should expect no storm,

But rather a more measured response?

A subtle reminder of power

That we can only imagine,

As she vents her fury

In more subtle and terrible ways.


For nature has


Given us her warning.


Opher – 24.5.2020

The Lake District – In glorious Spring sunshine – Photos

As we can’t go there I thought it would be nice to at least look at it. Hope you enjoy these shots from a couple of years ago.

You might just be able to discern my love of trees and scenery!

Today’s walk – with Photos – up Wold’s hill

Such a perfect day for a walk up my new favourite hill to have a view over the wolds.

The chalky rolling hills with their patchwork of colours.

There are two red kites nesting in a tree in the distance.

On the way up I stopped to watch a kestrel hovering next to a hedgerow.

The verges were a mass of buttercups, speedwell and daisy.

The dandelions had formed their perfect spheres of fluff.

The cowslips have all gone to seed.

It’s a three mile walk – just right!