Travelling through Morocco – a few more photos of the Kasbah taourirt in Ouarzazate

I was so impressed with the architecture and beauty of this Kasbah. You got a glimpse of history as you walked through its lavish rooms with their decorated ceilings. I could imagine them seated on their couches, laid back with hookahs, with music and dancing, a feast in front of them, making deals, entertaining and pulling out all the stops to impress.


An older Kasbah whose mud walls are melting back into the ground


Travelling through Morocco – The Atlas Mountains

While it was burning hot down in Marrakesh there was snow on the mountain peaks.

The road up through the Atlas Mountains was winding and steep. It largely followed the trails that the caravans had used, except now there were no caravans and the road had been considerably developed and much work was being carried out to make it wider still.

This route connected Marrakesh with the Tourag communities over on the Sahara side. All along the way were little Berber villages with their fields and agriculture.

Even though we were on the tarmac road it wasn’t hard to imagine what it would have been like trekking across these cold and barren mountains on a camel – quite a contrast to the heat of the Sahara on the other side. But this was a major trade route and Marrakesh was the destination.

The mountains had a rare beauty with their contrasts of greens and browns and the snowcapped peaks.

Along the way were stalls selling luridly colored geods and fossils.

Morocco – Goats in trees and Argan oil

Once upon a time these nimble goats climbed up argan trees to eat the fruit. The people collected the nuts the goats left littered underneath and ground them up to extract the oil.

Nowadays they put the goats up in the trees for the tourists and use an industrial method to extract the oil from the nuts.

But it is a weird sight!! You don’t often see goats up in trees!

Here’s some women extracting oil from argan nuts in the traditional way for the tourists.

Morocco – the walled city of Meknes

Mekness is the sixth largest city in Morocco. We wandered along the walls, had a look at the impressive tiled gate and walked around the bustling square with its commerce and people.

On the way we passed an electricity pylon that had become Stork city.

Morocco – Volubilis in the rain

They were in the midst of a drought in Morocco but we caught the only rain they had when we visited Volubilis.

Volubilis was an important Roman town near Meknes dating back to the 3rd century. There are great ruins and mosaics. One wonders how magnificent it would have been before they stripped it of its bronze and marble statues and took the bulk of the columns off to build a mosque.

What was left was still impressive.

You can see the Stork’s nest on top of one of the columns.