Photography – St Petersburg – More Photos from the Hermitage

The Hermitage is a massive museum and art gallery made up of three palaces. The main one is the Winter Palace – the storming of which started the revolution. It is an amazingly beautiful palace to walk around and the art and paintings (including some Leonardo Da Vinci’s and Rembrandt’s) are stunning.

Here’s a few photos of the interior.


Photography – The Hermitage St Petersburg (The Winter Palace)

Looking at the opulence and grandeur of the Hermitage (consisting of the Winter Palace and two adjoining palaces) it is easy to see why there was a revolution.

The ordinary people had very little while the aristocracy lived with such gross extravagance. Squeezed between the huge expenditure of the Church and the aristocracy the people were left destitute and lived in poverty.

This is the same the world over. The elite take a huge share and the ordinary people get to live off what’s left. This gross inequality has never been greater than that of the present day.

It was the storming of the Winter Palace that heralded the start of the revolution. After French and Russian revolutions the British aristocracy were terrified that it was going to happen here – and still are! That is why we have the media frenzy against any party that even smacks of equality.


Photography – Seabirds on Bempton Cliffs – Humberside – Britain – Puffins, Gannets and more.

Photography – Seabirds on Bempton Cliffs – Humberside – Britain – Puffins, Gannets and more.

Yorkshire is a beautiful county. The sun always shines.

Bempton cliffs is an amazing place. The birdlife is exceptional. The colony of Gannets is amazing and Puffins are gorgeous.

I write and take shots in the hopes that we preserve all this beauty in nature for future generations to wonder at – and of course for all the other creatures that inhabit this planet with us. They are all as important as we are!! They need protecting and caring for!

I hope you like these shots I took.

IMG_0207 IMG_0224 IMG_0233 IMG_0234 IMG_0237 IMG_0248 IMG_0269   IMG_0288 IMG_0295 IMG_0357 IMG_0372 IMG_0374 IMG_0378 IMG_0379 IMG_0380

Photography – Church of Spilled Blood – St Petersburgh

I just recently had the good fortune to visit St Petersburg.

One of the ‘must do’ stops was the Church Of The Spilled Blood with its amazing colourful Onion Domes.

Unfortunately it is under repair with scaffolding but none the less it was staggeringly beautiful.

As I am almost out of space on my Blog I can only put a few pictures up but the interior was as mind blowing as the exterior!

It was built on the site where Alexander 2nd was assassinated.

Here’s a little taste.

Photography – A few visions from Bali – land of incredible richness of beauty

Photography – A few visions from Bali – land of incredible richness of beauty

The food, the people, the colours and the atmosphere were all superb. We loved it.

The whole island was adorned with Balinese Hindu worship. It seemed that the greatest industrial output was the manufacture of statues and offerings to the gods. It made for a colourful and often spectacular surrounds though one sometimes thought that some of that energy might be better directed to improving the roads and infrastructure. The gods were not coming through with the goods. The prayers were not answered.

IMG_1121 IMG_1137

Like most places the population explosion made for crowded roads, shanty housing and encroachment into the countryside. There was a lot of poverty and squalor in between the beauty.

IMG_1139 IMG_1146 IMG_1173 IMG_1193

We were fortunate to be invited to a Balinese wedding. It was beautiful. The colours were amazing. The people so friendly.

IMG_1218 IMG_1223 IMG_1224 IMG_1225 IMG_1230 IMG_1295

The whole island is volcanic. There are many offerings to the volcanic gods. That seems to be the basis for a lot of their superstitions. Eruptions caused death and destruction. The gods needed appeasing. Skinnerian psychology at play.


The temples were opulent and lavish – truly spectacular. The culture was rich.

IMG_1325 IMG_1334 IMG_1340 IMG_1365

The Paddy Fields with their terracing and luxuriant green were idyllic.  IMG_1399 IMG_1437

Photography – Japan – land of culture.

Photography – Japan – land of culture.

Japan was a land of great culture. You could feel the tradition and attention to detail. Nuance was the order of the day. The whole was revealed in the minutest aspect. I found the Japanese incredibly polite, helpful and generous.

China4Japan1 162 China4Japan1 165 China4Japan1 170 China4Japan1 171 China4Japan1 181 China4Japan1 209 China4Japan1 242 China4Japan1 308 japan2 100

Photography – Peru – Colca Canyon and Condors – splendour and terracing.

Photography – Peru – Colca Canyon and Condors – splendour and terracing.

Peru was such an array of colour and difference. It was spectacular. The mountains, terracing, condors and people!

peru 2006 3 086 peru 2006 3 099 peru 2006 3 111 peru 2006 3 116 peru 2006 3 130 peru 2006 3 138 peru 2006 3 184 peru 2006 3 248

Photography – Liverpool and the sculptor Gormley

Photography – Liverpool & Gormley

I like what they’ve done to Liverpool. The redevelopment is great. There are still bullet-holes in the dock from the war. It was heavily bombed. But the heart of the city remains.

DSC_0457 DSC_0466

Great to see the Gormleys on the beach.

DSC_0467 DSC_0475 DSC_0479 DSC_0492 DSC_0495