Bali – The Herons of Petulu – Photos

It was amazing. The village of Petulu had herons everywhere, flying around, roosting in trees and walking in the fields. Magnificent birds.

Bali and volcanoes – Photos

Bali is volcanic and many of its volcanoes are active. Occasionally they explode and wipe out a lot of people.

The Balinese response is to placate the volcanoes. The religion is a type of specially adapted Hinduism. Everything is alive with spirits. They have to be placated. Offerings are everywhere – in little bamboo dished on pavements. Taxis have dangling deities. There are gargoyles to frighten off bad spirits.

They build temples to the deity of the volcano.

A meal on the terrace overlooking Mount Agung – often smouldering.

Ceremony at Lempuyang Temple (Gate to Heaven)


Cleansing in volcanic waters.

Offerings to the gods.

Gongs, Gamelan and other instruments.

It all worked. The volcano didn’t erupt and kill us!!

Photos of Newcastle Australia and Barrington

In the back garden. We were very fortunate to stay with Pete and Trudy who took us out camping in the outback to places we could only dream about.

This is Ermintrude the spider who hung out in this enormous web outside where we were staying. At night we had to walk down the path to our shack with a broomstick to sweep in front of us. The golden orb spiders were pretty quick at building webs and if you weren’t careful you’d get a facefull of spider.

I like bark.

Up in the Barringtons.

The leech that latched on to Pete’s foot!

My Photos of Australian animals pt. 1

Being a zoologist who just loves animals having the opportunity to go to Australia was paradise. I was able to see a whole range of Australian animals before the politicians in cahoots with big business kills them all off.

I saw some spectacular wildlife. A big thank you to Pete and Trudy who made that possible. I’m forever in your debt!