Vietnam – Saigon – The Sculpture Park – photos

It was fascinating to walk through the sculpture park and see the incredible range of sculptures – classical to neomodern.

A good place to stumble across.

Sri Lanka – The park and trees

We asked our driver to drop us off in the park miles away from the centre and told him we’d make our own way back. After walking around for hours we set about finding a local bus to take us back. The busses were so full people were hanging off them. They didn’t stop, they just slowed down. You grabbed hold and jumped on. I found myself hanging on, out over the road on the outside as the bus careered through the streets. It was quite a hairy ride.

Fabulous trees.


Sri Lanka – Colombo – Inside the Buddhist Sambodhi Chaithya Temple

We went up the windy staircase, across the walkway and into the temple. I’m not sure what we were expecting. It was different. Inside the stupa, there were many paintings of the Buddha, temples and scenes. It was massive.