Today’s Music to keep me ANGRY in Lockdown – Phil Ochs

Today I’m so angry at the blatant Tory propaganda machine and its strangling of democracy via control of the press and BBC that I wanted something that reflected that.

I wanted something overtly political.

I thought about Gang of Four, then Buffy St Marie. I thought of Billy Bragg but I’ve already had him (as well as Stiff Little Fingers). I’ve had Dylan and Bob Marley and Roy Harper. I’ve had Pete Seeger and Woody Guthrie.

So today I’m going for Phil Ochs. I need a big slice of his anger and political idealism!!

Here’s to you Phil!! Your music lives on!! Your sentiments are even more important now!!

Where are the new generation of angry poet rebels??

Today’s Music to keep me SANE in Isolation – Django Reinhardt.

I thought I needed a bit of gipsy jazz to get my blood flowing today! Django and Stephan Grappelli will hit the mark.

Django was such an amazing player. I am always inspired. He overcame the handicap of having such a badly damaged hand and yet to play better than anyone! What an inspiration.

I wish I’d managed to see him!

But today I’ll be in my head in a little café and they’ll get the place rockin’! Three fingers of genius!!

Neil Young – Heart of Gold

I just had to share this one with you. Such a great song.

I’ve spent my life searching for hearts of gold – found some too!

I’ve been wanting to spread a little gold on the planet and make it a better place. Not sure I’ve managed that too much!

Life’s a search for love, experience, fulfilment and poetry!

If you’re not making it better you’re probably making it worse! Let’s make it better!

Today’s Music to Cheer Me Up in Isolation!!

Today I shall be playing Buddy Holly – REAL LOUD!!

I first discovered Buddy Holly in 1959 when I was ten. My older friend Clive used to buy all Buddy Holly and Adam Faith singles. When he got tired of them he sold them to me for a few pennies. I still have them all!!

Buddy is the man who put melody into Rock. He was a superb songwriter. His music lives on. In such a few short years he produced tens of brilliant songs. I never get fed-up with them. He’ll raise my spirits today!!

Rock On Buddy!!

Fabulous guitar from Tina S Cover!!

What fabulous technique! What talent! I bet it took her an hour or two to learn that!!

Ludwig van Beethoven – Moonlight Sonata ( 3rd Movement ) Tina S Cover

One for all the people who are putting themselves at risk!! Living on the Frontline!!

One for all the doctors, nurses, cleaners, shop workers, teachers, delivery people, carers and others who are putting their lives at risk to keep us safe!!

For all those without adequate medical support!! For our third world brothers and sisters! For those in refugee camps!!

For all those in war and conflict.

This one’s for you.

Today’s Music to raise my spirits in isolation – Chuck Berry!!!

What could be better than the rockin’ of Chuck’s infectious beat to raise the spirits??

Play it loud!!!

Yesterday was Elmore blasting out!! Today it’s Chuck who is the background to my day!!