The 2022 Burton Agnes Jazz and Blues Festival – Jess Gardham

Jess brought her brand of R&B and a harder sound. Some great songwriter skills, full of exuberance and energy with a great upward feel.

The 2022 Burton Agnes Jazz And Blues Festival – Zoe Gilby Quartet.

We’ve just spent a blistering weekend at the Burton Agnes Jazz & Blues Festival (both weather and music). We sated and knackered.

Nothing much better than sitting around with a glass of red while some fabulous live music is playing and the sun shines down upon you! Great. Burton Agnes grounds are fabulous and the hall with its art is amazing. What a setting. Never fails to delight.

This year it kicked off with The Zoe Gilby Quintet. A great start. Zoe’s vocals were really strong and the band superb.

Simon Cunliffe-Lister and Ben Beattie’s After Midnight Band at the Burton Agnes Jazz And Blues Festival.

Simon is the organiser of the event. I think that really he just puts on what bands he enjoys and gives himself an opportunity to play with them! He has a great time.

For the finale he took his place in Ben’s band wearing a shirt that Ben quipped should have had a soundcheck of its own.

He’s not a bad sax player!!

Thanks Simon – you’ve got good taste in music! Much appreciated.