Burton Agnes – the impressive Norman Manor House and Waterwheel

The Manor House was bricked over in the 18th/19th century. Inside it’s as it was.

Burton Agnes Jazz and Blues Festival – Lisa Mills

Straight out of the deep South Lisa sure had a voice and a great personality. It was good to hear a singer/songwriter with a guitar holding the stage. A powerful performance – a little too heavy on god for my liking at times (an American trait). I’m not big on god. She did some great bluesy numbers and a bit of country too – refreshing.

Burton Agnes Jazz and Blues Festival 2017 – Ben Beattie’s After Midnight Band with Simon Cunliffe-Lister

It was a great end to the festival to have Ben’s band blasting out some sax-rich Jazz with Simon helping out. They produced a varied programme with a bit of Chuck Berry thrown in. A great finale for a brilliant weekend of sunshine, stately homes, gardens and music.

The Burton Agnes Jazz and Blues Festival – Rupert Lay Quartet.

The final day got underway with the Rupert Lay Quartet who were a trio? I was wondering if I had the right group? They also seemed to lack the double bass and steel pans. They gave a beautiful set of great Jazz guitar.

The Burton Agnes Jazz and Blues Festival 2017 – The Alligators

What better way to finish an evening than with a great blast of R&B. The veteran Alligators are stalwarts and always get the place rockin’ and everyone on their feet. The power trio perform old R&B favourites with a smattering of their own stuff and never fail to impress with their high-power showmanship and aggressive style.

Simon and Ben joined in with an impromptu jam and they obviously had a wail of a time (pun intended).