Please help protect Brazil’s Rainforest!! Sign the petition!

President Bolsanaro of Brazil is an extreme right-winger who puts profit before people and Nature. He is presently allowing the big logging companies and mining companies to destroy the rainforest at an alarming rate.

Money is all he cares about.

He needs telling that there are more important things in life. Please help protect this amazing place with all its wonderful life. Go to the link below and sign the petition.

We need to stand up against these bullies and vandals who are destroying our planet.


Poetry – Get it over quick – An environmental anthem

Poetry – Get it over quick – An environmental anthem

Get it over quick

Gorillas, whales and baby seals
Rhinos, Elephants and quail
Remnants in the undergrowth
We have blasted them to hell

Forests, land and water
Air, us and sea swell
A job that’s well worth doing
For the pleasure or the sell

Caged, tortured, maimed
Hunted, poked, impaled
Badgered to extinction
Even bugs are not doing well

Why take the time to do it slow
Why not get it over quick?
Put life out of its misery
Let’s kill the planet now
Don’t just leave it sick!

Opher 16.10.98

Sometimes I just despair at the madness. We are gaily going about our lives as if there is nothing wrong. As long as our daily existence is not affected we do not have to think about it. We are not looking into the future.
Yet there is a relentless catastrophe taking place like a slow-motion explosion. The world population is increasing alarmingly, the environment is being destroyed, animals are hunted, butchered and hounded to extinction, forests are being eradicated, pollution is accruing, the seas overfished, and the climate is now changing.

Welcome to the Anthropocene Apocalypse.

Yet the greed and selfishness that are fuelling this relentless pulverisation in the name of greed, profit and progress shows no sign of abating.
There are occasions when I become so distressed that I think we should just blast the planet to hell and have done. A quick end would be better than this slow, drawn out agony.

Unless something radical is done on a global scale the wild-life of this planet is doomed. Their future is a misery. The cruelty is unimaginable.
I wrote this poem way back in 1998 in a fit of pique.


Photography – Cairns – Daintree and a few birds – including the psychedelic ostrich that is a cassowaries!

Photography – Cairns – Daintree and a few birds – including the psychedelic ostrich that is a cassowaries!

Cassawaries are getting very rare. They are too often the victims of cars and end up as large roadkill. We had given up hope of seeing one. It was getting dark – hence these shots are not as bright and sharp as they could have been. Then this family of gorgeous psychedelic birds walked right out into the road in front of us! Amazing.

IMG_9929 IMG_9940 IMG_9942 IMG_9943 IMG_9944 IMG_9946 IMG_9952IMG_9696IMG_9705

This ibis were flocking to roost at the top of some trees in Cairns.


These swallows were getting a free ride on the ferry across to Daintree park.

Time we cared – a poem

Time we cared


Ice is melting – water rising

Up to their knees

And still denying.


Bird croaks it’s last fanfare

Frog’s last gasp

Of heated air.


We carry on without a care.


Heat increases – animals frying

Floods and droughts –

Not surprising.


Still they believe scientists are lying.


Concrete and plastic – land and sea

I’m alright Jack

Don’t worry about me!


Trophy hunting – forest clearing

Sounds to me

That no-ones hearing!


At least that’s what I’m a fearin’.


Making room for bird and tree

Before they pass

Into history.


Buried under life’s debris.


But it’s always the cash that counts

Stashed away

In large amounts.


Whatever they do it’s the cash

As long as they’ve got

Their share of the stash.


I think we’re heading for one ginormous crash.


Opher – 22.18.2019



I wrote this for the politically motivated climate change deniers! May they wake up soon!

Book Recommenations – The Environment – Opher Goodwin

This is my book on the environment. It tells the story of my travels, observations and concerns about what we are doing to our poor planet and the creatures that live on it.

If you are a friend to nature and care about the environment, and want a read about what is really happening then why not give it a read?

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Thank you for supporting me and my writing.

Mass Migration into Europe and the USA.

In recent times we have seen huge numbers of desperate people trying to get into Europe and the USA.

It is clear to me that a nation does need security of its borders. We cannot just keep taking an endless stream of people. Mass migration is a huge problem.

But instead of just focusing on the problem perhaps it is necessary to look at the cause and deal with that.

What is driving these people to want to go through immense hardship to get to Europe or the USA?

It couldn’t be anything to do with:

Gross inequality?
Climate change?
Lack of opportunity?

Could it?

Perhaps the answer is to think more globally and set about solving these issues? Then there might not be desperate people risking life and limb to move halfway round the world.

Anthropocene Apocalypse. Chimpanzees – our closest relatives.

Anthropocene Apocalypse. Chimpanzees – our closest relatives.

Chimpanzee-Images-8 chimpanzee-altruism_7212 - Copy Chimp elitismstyle_chimpanzee

The Chimps are hominids just like us. We share 99% of our coded DNA with chimps. We evolved from a common ancestor around 3-4 million years ago. That is recent.

There are two species of chimps. The Bonobo is presently on the verge of being wiped out.

We are really the third species of chimp. We have slight evolutionary modifications. We have evolved bigger brains and have lost a bit of fur.

Chimps can use tools and can learn to speak a number of words. They exhibit a lot of the emotional complexities and learning behaviour of humans.

Presently, as our numbers surge and our lust for food, timber and land increases, we are destroying their habitat and butchering them for bush-meat.

chimpanzee - Copy

chimp ptg00402816 - Copy

We need to start caring for our wild-life and limiting our numbers. We are destroying the planet.

There is a War!!

Just imagine – if the UK was suddenly attacked by a foreign country, if a powerful nation was trying to invade us and we found ourselves at war – what would we do?

It is simple – we would mobilise the country. We would go on to a war footing. We would enlist large numbers of troops. We would set our factories producing weapons, planes, ships and munitions. The whole economy would move on to a war footing. We would fight for our future. No price would be too high.

But we are at war.

We are battling not just for the future of our country but the future of the world.

The enemy are the capitalists who are presently plundering it for profit, who are clearing great swathes of rainforest, who are spraying the crops with insecticides and herbicides that ruin the soil and kill off our butterflies and bees, who are overfishing our oceans, harpooning whales, hunting for trophies, logging or mining and still using fossil fuels.

These are the people whose mantra is EXPANSION!! Who put PROFIT BEFORE PEOPLE AND NATURE!

The result of their actions are that the planet is warming and biodiversity is plummeting. They are destroying nature.

We have a battle for the future.

If we lose then we are looking at a dire future. Nature will be wrecked with up to a million species extinct. The ecosystems of our world will be ruined. Sea levels will rise putting most of our cities under water along with much of our farmland. Climate changes will cause droughts, floods, hurricanes and tornados. There will be mass starvation, mass migrations, wars for resources, conflict and the end to civilisation as we know it. It could even herald the end of mankind.

It seems to me that this is a war worth fighting – especially when you consider that the means to rectify the situation are no where near as drastic as engaging in a real war.

Other scary findings from the UN on Biodiversity.

The UN report has put together a series of scary findings that summarise the effect we have been having on the environment.

I don’t know about you but I consider this slightly more important that the birth, and subsequent naming, of some Royal child!

• Three-quarters of the land-based environment and about 66% of the marine environment have been significantly altered by human actions. On average these trends have been less severe or avoided in areas held or managed by Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities.  • More than a third of the world’s land surface and nearly 75% of freshwater resources are now devoted to crop or livestock production.  • The value of agricultural crop production has increased by about 300% since 1970, raw timber harvest has risen by 45% and approximately 60 billion tons of renewable and nonrenewable resources are now extracted globally every year – having nearly doubled since 1980. • Land degradation has reduced the productivity of 23% of the global land surface, up to US$577 billion in annual global crops are at risk from pollinator loss and 100-300 million people are at increased risk of floods and hurricanes because of loss of coastal habitats and protection. • In 2015, 33% of marine fish stocks were being harvested at unsustainable levels; 60% were maximally sustainably fished, with just 7% harvested at levels lower than what can be sustainably fished. • Urban areas have more than doubled since 1992. • Plastic pollution has increased tenfold since 1980, 300-400 million tons of heavy metals, solvents, toxic sludge and other wastes from industrial facilities are dumped annually into the world’s waters, and fertilizers entering coastal ecosystems have produced more than 400 ocean ‘dead zones’, totalling more than 245,000 km2 (591-595) – a combined area greater than that of the United Kingdom. • Negative trends in nature will continue to 2050 and beyond in all of the policy scenarios explored in the Report, except those that include transformative change – due to the projected impacts of increasing land-use change, exploitation of organisms and climate change, although with significant differences between regions.

Anthropocene Apocalypse – the book of the death of nature

Anthropocene Apocalypse – The book.

butchering-swbb-fb butcher-wild-life-05 Chain saw dancing-bear-2 dancing-bears deforestation_2074483b deforestation-causes-HI_104236 monkey in cage MountainGorilla snake_blood

As a child I was a great animal and nature lover. I spent my life up trees and wading through ditches and ponds. I collected caterpillars, newts, frogs, toads, slow-worms, lizards and grass-snakes. I had a big pit down the garden where I kept my wild animals. I had a shed full of mice, gerbils and hamsters, a pet crow, a pet rabbit and forty guinea pigs in assorted colours.

It led me to become a biologist and become interested in ecology and the environment. I became a Biology teacher before moving up the echelons.

I have been fortunate enough to travel all around the world and see many gorgeous animals in the wild. I love them.

It was the appalling destruction that I witnessed first-hand that caused me to write my own experiences down in the book ‘Anthropocene Apocalypse’. In my life-time I have witnessed the world’s wildernesses and wild-life being devastated everywhere I went. Forests wantonly chopped down, wild-life butchered and a population of humans that is burgeoning out of control. Animals are on the verge of extinction merely because they are being used in Chinese medicines of no worth what-so-ever. It is ludicrous to believe that the horn of a rhinoceros will enable you to get an erection. It is keratin. You might as well bite your own nails. It is stupid to believe that the bone of a tiger will endow you with vitality and make you virile. Yet these practices have virtually wiped out these creatures. We are surrounded with superstition and madness.

I have witnessed casual cruelty inflicted on all kinds of animals – snakes cut open alive to remove their gall-bladders which again are thought to give virility, bears and monkeys kept in chains and made to dance. It is callous and unthinking.

I wrote of it in my book ‘Anthropocene Apocalypse’. We have become so numerous we are affecting the climate and destroying the planet. Unless we reduce our numbers and act responsibly we will destroy it and ourselves. I wrote the book, along with the solution, in the hopes that we can prevent it at this eleventh hour.

I wrote this book to raise awareness of what is going on. I would like everyone to buy a copy. Pass it to your friends. Get out on the streets, on the web and protest. We can solve the population crisis. We can stop the destruction and butchery but only if enough people show they care.

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