Anthropocene Apocalypse – The World population explosion – a terrifying prospect for all living creatures.

Anthropocene Apocalypse – The World population explosion – a terrifying prospect for all living creatures.

Anthropocene Apocalypse – World population explosion video – You Tube link.


The effects of the population explosion are catastrophic for the wild-life on this planet. We are even affecting the climate.

The population is currently in excess of 7 Billion. It is due to double in fifty years. The impact of that is almost unimaginable. Life as we know it will be transformed. The wilderness will be devastated. Natural resources will be depleted. The climate will change forever.

We are sleepwalking towards our own extinction!

Check out the video. I find it terrifying!

Poetry – An Invisible Machine – A poem for Roy Harper and the planet!

Poetry – An Invisible Machine – A poem for Roy Harper and the planet!

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An Invisible Machine

I wrote this poem on the way back from a Roy Harper gig in Scotland. We discussed the environmental damage being wreaked upon the world by the selfish, greedy minority who control the capitalist machine that is destroying the planet.

Five billion people live in poverty and despair while a few hundred thousand squander everything in a senseless orgy of extravagance.

The forests, lakes and seas are being consumed. The chimps, elephants and rhinos machine-gunned.

I suggested Roy wrote an epic song on this subject. He told me that he was writing one about what goes on in people’s minds. That is where the madness is conceived!

As we are distracted with booze, sex and TV, religion, psuedodemocracy and talent shows, tribute bands, muzac  and nostalgia, fashion, glamour and celebrity, the real world is being ripped apart before our very eyes!!!

I refuse to be stupid!

An Invisible Machine

There is an invisible machine

Relentlessly churning around the world.

Into its maw goes forests, lakes

And whole oceans.

Out of its rear

It excretes plastic trinkets

And control.

Its gears drip with blood and sap.

Sitting astride this behemoth,

This slow-motion holocaust,

The gleeful sneering drivers spray champagne down upon us.

In its wake the controlled

Buy trinkets and are distracted

By the addictive effluent

As they desperately strive to climb on board.

Their dream

Is that they too might live to spray champagne.

When its job is done

And all the wonders have been transformed to junk

It will consume itself.


Opher 18.9.2016

Poetry – The Sun was Shining

The Sun was Shining


I woke up this morning.

The sun was shining.

It made the trees dance in their dappled green dresses.

A mellow breeze

Carried the scent of flowers

Across the unending forest.

I watched the birds

Flying between the branches,

Building nests and impressing each other with their song.

Beneath the canopy

Creatures nibbled

On the verdant undergrowth.

The whole of nature

Put on a show

Of interconnecting magic.


But, as the bulldozers started up

And the chainsaws began to scream

I realised it was merely a wishful dream.


Opher – 6.3.2020

Poetry – When life teemed – a poem of anguish

Poetry – When life teemed – a poem of anguish


When life teemed

Long ago, when there was a fraction of our present numbers, man sailed the ocean in big wooden sailing boats. The world was infinite, the seas raged and there was danger everywhere. The brave men saw death at every corner.

When they spied land they replenished their stocks of fresh water and meat. For simplicity they raided the breeding grounds and took on board tons of carcasses. They captured the huge leatherback turtles and turned them upside down on deck so they had fresh meat, oblivious to the hot sun and suffering. They clubbed the baby seals and birds and left the colonies wrecked. For the supply was endless. It mattered little.

They used live animals as ballast in barrels because it was easier than collecting rocks or digging sand. The animals died in agony and rotted in the holds to be discarded into the sea when port was reached.

Life was cheap. People were heartless. The bounty was never-ending.

Except the planet is not infinite, the stocks are not endless and within a short while the teeming wildlife has been reduced to a fraction of what once was. There is probably less than 1% of what there was a hundred years ago. Billions have died.

This is the first verse of a longer poem I have written about this cruelty and mindlessness. We are busy sowing the seeds of our own demise.


When life teemed


Long timber frames and sail

Bravely crossing oceans

Into the throat of gale and swell

To bludgeon, slash and cruelly stash

The feather, claw and shell.


Opher 29.10.2016

Poetry – Mother Nature

Mother Nature


Pirouetting through the stars

Twirling and spinning

Through the sky.

Her dress of green,

Trailing over hills,

Through forests

And seas.

Her caress bringing creatures to life.

From ice to fire,

Her body is alive

With mystic energy

Stretching over aeons,




From simplicity to complexity,

From nothing to something.

She smiles upon the universe,

Unique and fantastical.

She cavorts through the ages

Breathing life into the very rock.

Her dreams

Fill the air,

The sea

And the land.

Her breath drives the wind.

Her tears fill rivers and oceans.

Her laughter brings forth laughter.

Her smile lights the sky.

Wounded by her own children

She continues to give

Without blame.


Opher 28.2.2020

Poetry – Animals Burn

Animals Burn


While animals fry and fires burn

The perpetrators never seem to learn.

Lands flood and other lands dry

But some people never ask why.

So, profits are made and trees fall

And they do not care at all.

The lies are spread in a cynical way

And the future looks decidedly grey.

Green laws are repealed,

The truth concealed,

Money stashed,

Habitats crashed.

Time for the great backlash!!



Opher -14.1.2020

It was a cold bleak Yorkshire day.

It was a cold bleak Yorkshire day.

Heavy rain clouds hung on the horizon threatening a torrential downpour but we decided against the rainproofs. The sun was already blistering; the air so heavy with moisture that you could bathe in it. If it rained it would be a relief. We’d be soaked but our shorts and T-shirts would soon dry off. We set off along the rainforest trail to the music of cicadas and unseen birds.

The forest has a sweet scent of decay and vitality. Everywhere there is green – green leaves, green fronds, green lianas and green epiphytes. It feels alive. We are strangers in a new fecund world. We are searching for animals, our cameras at the ready. We find some too.

By the end of two weeks we have photographed sloths, iguanas, turtles, agoutis, parrots, macaws, flycatchers, monkeys, caiman, butterflies, moths and dozens more – each a delight to discover and a wonder to see. We have watched spider monkeys at play and capuchin monkeys cracking open coconuts, sloths slowly clambering through the foliage and huge iguanas, like dragons, clinging to tree trunks.

It felt so alive.

Our skin rusted in the sun and humidity. Our bodies adjusted, sitting on deck watching the jungle slip past, with a cool breeze in our face; rushing to put on our scant clothing to scamper up to the top for the sunrise, to search the deck at first light for giant moths, butterflies and beetles; sorting where to go, down jungle trails, canoe rides, or simply walking around. When in the unfamiliar even the ordinary is extraordinary. It is amazing how quickly one adjusts. This is our new normality.

Slowly we return home. The sun gradually loses its intensity. People take every opportunity to relish the last of its warmth, some asleep on loungers, some reading, some watching the seas for whales, dolphins or seabirds. We have left the tropical heat behind.

Back home we unpack, start on the mound of washing and go for a walk. No shorts, T-shirt and sandals but wrapped in layers of shirts, jumpers and thick coat topped off with hats, scarves and gloves.

Walking down the lane, looking out over the waterlogged green fields I could not help thinking what a mess we’ve made of it. This was the green Yorkshire countryside. Before the industrial revolution a landscape of forest, full of wildlife, now an endless denuded green desert, with just the odd crow and pigeon, plus a few creatures clinging on in the remaining hedgerows.

We live in the vestiges of the wonder of what once was. All over the world 8 billion mouths are busy devouring miracles.

Even in my lifetime I have seen the decline.

The bitter wind bites into my face. Rust is fading as the memories fade, as nature fades, tree by tree, hedge by hedge, ditch by ditch, bug by bug.

I have no camera with me. There is little to photograph. The creatures of my youth have disappeared.

It was a cold bleak Yorkshire day.

Photography – Dales Pt. 9 – Ingleborough.

Photography – Dales Pt. 9 – Ingleborough.

Ingleton is a beautiful mountain. I have never approached it from this direction.p1130118 p1130119

I was taken with the way the mood of the place changed with the different light conditions. I took these three shots with different sunlight. p1130124 p1130125 p1130127

p1130129 p1130135 p1130139

Pete Seeger Quotes – Wisdom and compassion with environmental awareness thrown in.

Pete Seeger Quotes – Wisdom and compassion with environmental awareness thrown in.

I find Pete Seeger a bit of an enigma. Some of the songs he sings are twee and the sing-alongs are crap but then there is the harder side. The man speaks out against wrong, writes songs of great social import, was a staunch environmentalist and was prepared to suffer for what he believed in. He would not be moved.

His version of Which Side Are You On is skin tingling. (This isn’t the best version)

Pete was in the Almanac Singers with Woody Guthrie and learnt a lot from Woody’s genius and uncompromising ways.

Here’s a few of my favourite quotes of Pete’s.

If there’s something wrong, speak up!

If only more people did that. If only more people became involved. We might get more things done.

It’s a very important thing to learn to talk to people you disagree with.

If we don’t engage with people who think differently we cannot learn what they think and we cannot learn what they think. Mutual respect is crucial. If you want to change somebody’s mind you have to talk to them.

Education is when you read the fine print. Experience is what you get if you don’t.

Education is the answer to most problems. We have to teach people to think, understand and develop empathy and compassion.

Being generous of spirit is a wonderful way to live.

Being generous of spirit gets you abused by some – but that’s worth it. If you aren’t open and trusting your spirit suffers.

I’m still a communist in the sense that I don’t believe the world will survive with the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer – I think that the pressures will get so tremendous that the social contract will just come apart.

I can see it all unravelling now with Brexit, Clinton and Trump. There is a new cynicism with politics and the establishment. The inequality is too great. People have had enough. We aren’t all in this austerity together. Some have never had it so good.

I came along and was a teenager in the Depression, and nobody had jobs. So I went out hitchhiking, when I met a man named Woody Guthrie. He was the single biggest part of my education.

He’s been a big part of my education too. He taught me to think, care and appreciate the world. He taught me that poor people matter as much as anyone else.