Poetry – A Flash in the Pan

A Flash in the Pan

We insanely think that everything will go on for ever as it is despite the lessons of history that tell us nothing ever does.

Our lives continue slowly down their path until a sudden event, a decision, a disease, a death, and they change forever.

Likewise it is with the history of the world.

Despite all the fossil record tells us we think we are here forever. We are not. We will one day be a seam of fossils in the rock strata. The thickness of the debris we leave behind will be determined by our own actions. That is the difference between us and all that has gone before.

We have the ability, through our innate intelligence, to determine our own fate.

The saddest thing is that despite that we seem intent on engineering our own demise. We steadfastly remain inept at addressing the problems that confront us. Instead of coming together as a species we remain apart as countries, companies and individuals vying, with voracity, for wealth and power in the face of the inevitable.

The Anthropocene Apocalypse looms and we seem incapable of breaking out of the selfish stupidity we are locked into.

The mantra is – ‘Expansion, growth and more!’ It should be ‘Together, intelligence and sanity!’

If we don’t change we will be a flash in the pan.

A Flash in the Pan

A flash in geology –

We came.

Held down by gravity.

We saw.

A species still in embryology.

We conquered.

With insane brevity.

Arrogant with no apology.

We knew.

Beset by depravity.

We grew.

Creating theology.

We thought

With undue voracity.

A chimp with ideas.

We flew.

Flawed with cruelty.

Right through.

Choosing a way of tears –

By choice.

Instead of what could be.

A narrow strip of rubble

We left

Hiding a sea of trouble


By our unruly bubble


On the shore of possibility.

Busy designing our own exit

With glee.

Blind with selfish greed

We ignored

The means to fix it.

The word

Was lost in the deed.

Opher 10.9.2015

Poetry – Hunting and Dreaming

Hunting and Dreaming

We came from the South

Across the ice,

Hunting and dreaming.

We spread throughout the world

Throwing dice,

Planning, fighting and scheming.

We conquered and bred

As feral mice,

Until the world was teeming.

Now we totter on the brink,

Paying the price,

As the world lies steaming.

Opher – 8.10.2020

Making our way out of Africa we followed the hunting. We were incredibly successful. Our numbers ballooned.

We wiped out the megafauna in no time at all.

Now eight billion of us are felling the forests, poisoning the land and working our way through the rest of life on the planet.

We’ll kill anything for profit or fun.