To Make Themselves Look Big

To Make Themselves Look Big

They wear uniforms,

Put on crowns,

Sit on thrones,

Wear ceremonial gowns.

They wear big hats

Put on a wig.

With many servants

To make themselves look big.

They live in mansions,

Rolex on wrists,

Play with yachts,

Hold sceptres in their fists.

Wearing gowns and ermine,

Finest wines to swig,

Dripping gold and diamonds

To make themselves look big.

Yet really

They are the same as us.


On a planetary bus.

Opher – 29.1.2021

The kings, queens, presidents, judges, generals and wealthy, all decked up in their finery, in uniforms, with status symbols, $6000 handbags, flash cars, Armani suits, rolex’s and Italian shoes, are all playing a game.

Everything is a symbol.

Tribalism is rife.

The game is played with deadly results.

We are put in our place. They may put on airs and graces but they are really just small organisms crawling on the thin crust of a planet.

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