A Member of the Elite

A Member of the Elite

As a member of the elite

I have to play the game.

I have to wear the uniform

Speak the right words

And never feel the shame.

My life’s a façade

Hiding what’s underneath

A charade

A shield of wealth and power

That is our one belief.

Haughty manner

Springing from superiority.

Looking down

At minions

The spawn of the majority.

I am of the elite.

Born into privilege.

Master of the multitudes

From every dirty village.

Of life’s finer things

I always have a surfeit,

It is just what we deserve

Because I know we’re worth it!

Opher – 23.1.2021

I detest that advert that asserts that we are worth it.

There are a whole privileged class who have every opportunity, a life of ease, an easy path, networking, the old boy network and wealth.

They can buy what they like.

They use their privilege to enable their sons and daughters to prosper while disdainfully keeping the hoi-polloi in their place.

Their wealth is incalculable.

They exploit, control and are happy to see poverty and destitution.

The poor are where they deserve to be.

The wealthy are assured of their own superiority and worth.

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