Poetry – The Will, the Means or the Might

The Will, the Means or the Might

Gigantic cerebral power,

With electricity jumping neurones

In creative ways.

Huge invention and

Problem solving ability –

A progressive maze.

In a dichotomy

Of good and bad

Creating uncertain days.

We’re on the edge

Of disasters of our devise

And could go out in a blaze.

Can we use our giant brains

To solve the problems we create?

Or are they all too big?

Is it all too late?

I’d like to feel that we have the ability

To make it right.

But do we possess the will,

The means or the might?

Opher – 29.4.2019

I am always amazed by our ingenuity and ability to solve problems. When I look back over the last three hundred years what we have achieved is stupendous.

But in the process of developing our world of technology and science we have impacted greatly on the natural world and put our own future in jeopardy.

My frustration is that I am sure we possess the ability to put it right. I just don’t think we have the will.

While it doesn’t directly affect us we will remain complacent. When the impacts finally manifest themselves it will be too late.

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