The Bullet

The Bullet

Small, hard and metallic;

                Very fast;

Designed to penetrate;

                To rip, tear and shatter.

Propelled by great force;

                An explosion.

Pointed, directed and triggered


Released and realised.

                Through the air

                                Through skin,

                                                Into muscle

                                                                Into bone

                                                                                Into brain.

Created by man

                To kill.

Opher  29.10.2023

We are very good at designing machines to hurt, torture and kill. We excel at it.

Out of the mind into reality;

A death machine.

Echoes of History

Echoes of History

Echoes of history

                Louder every day,

Leaving hungry children

                                                Shivering in the dark.

Civilisation crumbles

                Into choking dust;

                                Houses into rubble.

                                                Missiles hit their mark.

Security an illusion

                While tyrants rule.

                                Ruining the future;

                                                Leaving choices stark.

Opher – 15.3.2021

It is incredibly disturbing to see Putin directing the destruction of a country.

Why do we do it?

We live in sophisticated cities with people working and playing, worrying about fashion and whether they can afford a better house or a new car. Every normal. Lives filled with trivia – the school run, the cinema, a trip out, planning holidays, shopping and cooking. Ordinary.

We live in countries where there are debates as to whether we can afford to repair potholes inroads or replace cladding on skyscrapers, to pay teachers and nurses a living wage, yet we can but multimillion pound tanks, missiles and aircraft.

On the whim of a despot we can turn whole cities into piles of rubble.

How many trillions wasted?

If a building collapses, trapping hundreds, it is a global catastrophe. Yet we can callously deliberately kill hundreds of thousands of women and children.

Civilisation is just a short holiday from carnage. Slaughter and destruction is the norm.

We are nasty little apes who pretend.

We are witnessing the reality of our nature. Humans are not very nice.

Chainsaws and Gun Shots

Chainsaws and Gun Shots

Chainsaws and gunshots

Chainsaws and gunshots

Saw-teeth and bullets

Bangs and buzzes

Bangs and buzzes

Tearing into flesh




Opher 17.2.2021

I walk up my hill into the green manufacturing industry known as the countryside to the sound of multiple bangs and the chunter of chainsaws.

Every single day I hear the sound of shots.

The green fields have been blanket bombed with pesticide but even so, if anything dares to try to cling on to life it is blasted to hell.

I can hear the chainsaws attacking another tree. There are not too many of those left – little oasis in the green desert.

I’m walking in nature and listening to the relentless sound of death.

poetry – How Much is Money Worth?

How Much is Money Worth?

How much is money worth?

                Is it worth a single tree?

                                A forest? Or a stream?

How much is money worth?

                Is it worth a single whale?

                                All the gorillas?

                Or an orangutan, or a tiger?

How much is money worth?

                Is it worth a hurricane?

                                A flood or a drought?

Perhaps a forest fire?

How much is money worth?

                Is it worth a lung?

A plague?

                A kidney or a life?

How much is money worth?

                Is it worth a single family?

Or a country?

                A people or a planet?

What is the price of money?

Opher – 1.3.2020

We are already starting to pay the price for global warming. The climate is changing as a result of the things we are doing. The hurricanes, droughts, forest fires, floods, heatwaves and migrations.

Of course, there are those still in denial, who claim these are natural events and not a result of anything we are doing.

They are wrong.

The science tells us most clearly – unless we change our ways the worst is yet to come.

The deniers are leading us down a path to destruction!

Poetry – History


Blood, pain and games

                Down the desert wastes of history;

A struggle

                For wealth and power

Where the winners

                Write the wrongs

And most

                Just disappear.


                To slay, torture and desire,

                With impunity,

In a game

                That has no rules;

Where compassion

                Is a stranger.

Opher – 19.12.2019

History is no more than a record of the wealthy and powerful in their ridiculous games; tales of intrigue and cruelty, greed, passion and fury in which ordinary lives are of no consequence.

It is peppered with violence and ruled by the worst of human nature.

History is a record of our failure.

Poetry – Futility of War

Futility of War

My grandfather fought in the trenches

With the gas, whizzbangs and machinegun rattle.

My father fought in the hills of Italy

With howitzers, tanks and the roar of battle.

Neither would talk of what they’d seen

Of friends mown down like cattle.

They’d both come to realise

That tales of bravery were mere tittle tattle.

The reality was luck

Nothing to do with valour at all.

I was the lucky one

I never had to fight

For Queen or country

Or see our cities set alight.

I never had to question

If this war was wrong or right.

I’ve spent my life in peace

And never had to fight.

For seventy four years that peace has held

The longest time in history.

But do we have to question why?

For it isn’t any mystery?

The United Nations

And the European Union

Have brought nations together,

Not in conflict, but communion.

Far better to talk and trade

In complex collaboration

Rather than to bomb and blast

And remain in isolation.

Opher – 1.10.2019.

Isn’t it obvious that it is better to have partnership and collaboration rather than conflict? Isn’t it obvious that it is better to trade and talk rather than quarrel and fight?

I think so.

Poetry – Living in a fulcrum.

Living in a fulcrum.

It feels like the world is turning.

We’ve reached the tipping point

We are being pulled in different ways.

The universe is out of joint.

On one side the Trumpists and deniers

Telling us it isn’t so.

On the other there’s Extinction Rebellion

Pointing the way to go.

We’re being fed the propaganda

From the Brietbart prophet.

Whose only god is power

And whose sacrament is profit.

The politicians are floundering

All they care about is votes.

What happens to the orangutans,

Is measured in bank notes.

Yet the young are rising up

And making their voices heard.

They want a brighter future

And will have the final word.

The world is turning on a fulcrum;

No telling where it will go.

For sanity or complacency?

Only the future knows.

Opher 6.5.2019

I’m listening to the young who have their fingers on the pulse. They are not believing the lies put out by those who are profiting from the destruction of nature.

They know the pesticides are causing mass destruction of all insects from bees to butterflies.

They know our beautiful iconic species – the rhinos, elephants, gorillas, chimps, giraffe, lions, whales and tigers – are being hunted to extinction.

They know our rainforests are being chopped down.

They know our ice-caps are melting.

They know our climate is changing.

They know we are selling the future for today.

They know who is profiting from this wholesale destruction.

They want it stopped.

We are at a tipping point, sitting on our fulcrum. Which way will it go?

Poetry – How many trees?

How many trees?

How many trees does it take

To make a human being?

How many fields to fill our stomachs

So we can go on breathing?

How many creatures lie

Under our tarmac roads?

How many deaths will it take

Before the planet implodes?

Yes – how many trees does it take?

Opher 26.4.2019

There are currently approaching 8 billion of us on this planet and each one of us is busy consuming – consuming land, water, air, finite mineral resources and killing plants and animals. Just by living.

The planet is not infinite. It is a finite web of life – tenuous and fragile.

We are a catastrophe.

Poetry – The destruction of nature

The destruction of nature

Nature on the run

Chemical and gun

Sterilised and sanitised

All creatures despised.

Nature on the run.

Opher 20.3.2019

As we travelled around Morocco I was looking for the wildlife. You would think you’d see a few lizards. I didn’t see much of anything. It seemed devoid of insects too.

In the gardens there were some birds – little oasis of life amid the destruction of nature, but where was the rest of the wildlife?