Poetry – Telling the Truth

Telling the Truth

The dead don’t talk

But their wounds tell a story.

Animals can’t talk

But their ivory speaks volumes.

Trees can’t talk

Bure bare soil tells the tale.

Humans can talk

But their words are often lies.

Opher 28.10.2018

There’s a disaster going on. It’s all around us. But if you ask about it you’ll only be told untruths.

There’s wanton destruction going on in the name of profit; in the name of progress.

Money never tells the truth.

Poetry – If Only

If Only

If only the dead could talk

They’d tell us who to blame.

They’d point to the abusers

Who play that selfish game.

If only trees could talk

They’d point to the ones who came

To chop and burn and plunder

In a tyranny of shame.

But neither the dead nor the trees

Can change the past

Or create a caring world

That would really last.

That’s down to us.

Opher 28.10.2018

Some people do not care what havoc and misery they leave in their wake – just as long as they are doing alright.

Some people will start wars, destroy countryside, torture and maim – with delight – as long as they are doing OK.

They are a greedy, sick minority.

We need to deal with them.

My walk today – beauty and the trashed verges!!

A walk of up and down!!

First there was the beauty – the wildflowers, the cranesbill, cornflower and wild orchids. The nectar for butterflies and the seeds for birds.

Then there are the fabulous views over the farms, the rolling wolds, out to the sea.

Then there was the devastation. The fucking farmers flattening the whole place, mowing it flat, destroying the flowers, killing the insects and displacing all the wildlife. Leaving behind a desolate wasteland. It make me so angry. There is so little natural habitat to start with – only the hedgerows and verges remain – and they come along and ravage. How are the birds and creatures meant to survive>

Poetry – All that matters is the dosh

All that matters is the dosh

Give me the moolah!

Give me the dollar!

Don’t give a toot –

Just give me the loot!

Give me the dosh Tosh!

I don’t care about no chimpanzee;

I just wanna go on a spending spree!

I don’t care about no bird or bee!

I just wanna lotta cash for free!

Give me the moolah!

Give me the dollar!

Don’t give a toot –

Just give me the loot!

Give me the dosh Tosh!

I don’t care about the climate or planet!

Just want a cool million and need to plan it!

I don’t care about ivory or why to ban it!

I don’t care – so you can can it!

Give me the moolah!

Give me the dollar!

Don’t give a toot –

Just give me the loot!

Give me the dosh Tosh!

I don’t care about nothing so give me the cash!

I just care about me – so keep off of my stash!

I’ll sell you palm oil to get my hands on my loot!

Orangutan or elephant – shoot  shoot shoot!!

Give me the moolah!

Give me the dollar!

Don’t give a toot –

Just give me the loot!

Give me the dosh Tosh!

For the tiger and lion I don’t give a feck!

Just make sure my name’s on the cheque!

I’ll dig your mines – dump shit in the seas,

Slaughter your whales and chop down your trees!

Give me the moolah!

Give me the dollar!

Don’t give a toot –

Just give me the loot!

Give me the dosh Tosh!

I’ll gaff your porpoise to get my hands on the lucre

Sell you skank and tell you it’s pukka.

I don’t care if all the ice melts and the whole world’s war!

All I want is more more more moore!!!

Give me the moolah!

Give me the dollar!

Don’t give a toot –

Just give me the loot!

Give me the dosh Tosh!

Opher – 14.10.2018

This poem came out of talking to some quite extreme right-wing Americans on the web. As far as they were concerned compassion, caring and equality were for wimps. All they cared about was their stash.

Taxation was theft. As for education and healthcare – it should only be there for the deserving. If you wanted it you paid for it. If you couldn’t afford it – tough!

There was no global warming, no environmental crisis, no species extinctions. It was all a lie put out by the left – the evil left. They bought off scientists to fiddle the results.

The evil left, and the Jews, were in a conspiracy to bring Communism to the world, Communism was tyranny. Communism killed billions. It has never worked anywhere. Seemingly socialism is communism.

Well I think that the mark of a healthy society is based on how well they care for their unfortunate or needy.

The mark of a sick society is when those in need are treated like scum and left to rot.

America, with its grotesque inequality and callousness, seems to be going through a pretty sick phase. Rampant capitalism has eroded its soul. I hope the pendulum is swinging towards a new age of compassion. I hope it grows out of its selfishness soon.

poetry – Every Stroke Kills

Every Stroke Kills

In the wake of every stroke

Lies the ruins of many lives.

In the wake of every gouge

Lies a community destroyed.

Letter by letter

The epic story is untold.

Letter by letter

The greatest story is unwritten

Until the blank pages

Tell a different tale

Of what once was and is no more.


We do not value the incredible miracle of life on this planet. We may be unique in this most enormous universe. Every single form of life may be utterly unique – every single cell the most amazing miracle. The utter improbability of life means that we should cherish every single cell.

Yet we treat life with such disdain. Insects, animals and plants are destroyed without thought. Every tree houses a community. Every stream and wood provides a million homes.

We chop down the trees and gouge up the soil without thought to the communities we destroy.

We are unwriting the greatest story ever written. It is becoming less by the minute. I wish we would change and learn to cherish every bit of it.

Poetry – 8 Billion Reasons

8 Billion Reasons

8 Billion reasons why the gorillas must die

8 Billion reasons why the elephants will die

8 Billion tragedies

For all of them.

Opher 13.4.2018

8 Billion Human beings chopping down trees, spraying pesticide, burning wood, hunting animals, eating ivory, culverting ditches, producing sewage, filling dustbins, buying goods, mining, peeing, shopping, driving down roads, building houses, flying around the world, eating, drinking, playing and having sex.

8 Billion reasons why the rhino and elephant have no chance at all.

Poetry – How much is too much?

How much is too much?

How much for a whale?

How much for a tree?

How much for a chimpanzee?

Everything has a price.

Everything has a cost.

We never notice what is lost.

A little bit here.

A little bit there.

Big losses everywhere.

It’s not right.

Everything is wrong.

We’ll only miss it when it’s gone.

Opher 10.5.2021

It is a slow relentless attrition. You only notice what has gone after a period of time.

Nature has no space.

The hedges and the trees, the ponds and streams, the trees and woods are taken one by one.

A chimp here. A whale there.

We value nothing.

Poetry – It Doesn’t Have To Be Like This

It Doesn’t Have To Be Like This

It doesn’t have to be like this!

We live in a world of guns, shit and piss.

The world is run for a precious few.

The rest of us can go screw.

While kids play in the sewage and waste

Others live on luxury yachts.

It’s a disgrace.

The wealthy and powerful control what we do.

Take too much and they take it off you.

It doesn’t matter that they have it all

They always want more and you’re just a tool.

Without a thought for the future or the misery they cause

They take centre stage to milk the applause.

Heartless, cruel, thoughtless and mean

They take what they want with no in-between.

But it doesn’t have to be this way

There’s more than enough to go around.

We can build a fairer, kinder world

If we can just find the common ground.

There are many of us and they are few.

With one combined voice we can start up anew!

It doesn’t have to be like this!

Opher – 27.3.2021

Having travelled the world and witnessed the poor living in unbelievable squalor, the destruction of the natural world and the contrast with those with immense wealth, it all seems so stupid.

It doesn’t have to be like this.

There is more than enough to go round.

We do not have to destroy the natural world.

We do not need this gross inequality.

We can all be happy and not destroy the planet.

It needs better organisation.

Anthropocen Apocalypse – Chilling confirmation!

The chilling news that is emerging about the state of the planet’s environment is confirming the message in my book the Anthropocene Apocalypse. Scientific evidence now shows that over the past four decades:

  • There has been a global 45% reduction in invertebrates
  • There has been a global 56% reduction in mammals
  • Human beings and their pets and livestock now make up 95% of all mammalian life
  • That the destruction of forests is unsustainable
  • The destruction of wild mammals is unsustainable
  • That fishing is unsustainable
  • That pollution is global
  • That global warming as a result of human activity is undeniable
  • That human overpopulation is the cause
  • That the population of humans is out of control and catastrophic

My book is a Biologists personal observations of the devastation we are causing globally and what we need to urgently do to put it right.

Please read it and help stop this destruction from taking place.