Anthropocene Apolcalypse – Environmental destruction – the slow, relentless creep!

Environmental destruction – the slow, relentless creep!


I’ve just come back from Holland. My daughter is moving into a new house. I was talking to the neighbours. They had lived there for ten years. They told me that their house use to be the last one in the row; that across the road was woodland and that beyond that was nothing but fields. I looked down the road at the long row of houses, across at the tram line and over to the new town.

In my village there are new houses springing up on waste land, the odd tree being chopped down, ditches culvetted, ponds filled in. Hedges disappear, gardens are concreted.

Across from my school there was a spring which was designated as a site of scientific interest. I used to take my classes across in the summer to see the water voles, frogs, newts and tadpoles. We even found grass-snakes and slow worms. It is now a new housing estate.

All over the country there are new roads, houses and buildings. There are hedgerows, streams, ponds and trees being eradicated.

It is slow, steady and relentless. Nature is fought back, habitat destroyed. A slow creep.

It is the same story all over the world.

It is not just about the graphic deforestation. The steady creep is wiping out wild animals even more effectively.

This is a passionate and always readable book conceived in love, gestated over a lifetime of travel and naturalism, born in a burst of anger and hope. There are many vivid accounts of places visited, focusing on their flora and fauna, with plenty to celebrate and much to fear. Pointers for the future are given and I’d like to have had even more detail of these. But this is a book to inspire social change. The message is that we all need to work on the solutions. This is a valuable and timely book which throws down the gauntlet in our desperate search for survival and sustainability.

Global Warming and a punch on the nose!

Global Warming and a punch on the nose!


The next time I bump into a global warming denier I am going to punch them very hard on the nose.

I have just completed mowing my lawn. It was luxuriant, damp and muddy. I had to do that because the grass had become so long.

Mowing grass in November is bad enough but I had to do it in December last year – in the North of England!!!   That is absurd!!  The only time I’ve ever done that before was when I was living in Los Angeles!

Perhaps the deniers will start to believe now? One too many ‘once in a hundred years’ events. Perhaps they have to be flooded, blown away or burnt out before they start to see the obvious!

The Paris Climate Talks – A few random thoughts.


Firstly – well done to Prince Charles! Being an antimonarchist does not stop me from congratulating the man when he uses his power and position to do something good. I believe he does care. He wants to protect rainforest and natural habitat around the world.

Secondly – Is it possible for a bunch of capitalists, with all their vested interests, wish for perpetual growth, lust for power, and greed, to find a way forward? How bad does it have to be for the prospects of the planet before people like this see there is more money to be made out of preserving nature rather than destroying it?

Thirdly – are we in the process of preserving wild-life and jungle merely as a tourist attraction? Is the whole world a theme-park akin to Disneyland? Are the only reasons to preserve gorillas, elephants, rhinos and chimps so that rich westerners will spend money to see them? Surely they are more important than that?

Fourthly – are even the rabid industrialists beginning to realise that global warming will create more problems than they can cope with? Will the cost of warming the world prove too much? Will it be cheaper to stop it warming?

Fifthly – Are they planning to do something about the real cause of all the problems? The problems are being caused by the huge population increases. That is priority number one!

Sixthly – Issues such as deforestation, burning of jungles, pesticides, pollution, trade in wild animals, loss of natural habitat, cruel poaching of wild animals, whaling, and a hundred and one other pressing environmental issues cannot wait. They are too in need of attention to wait. It isn’t a question of money. It is a fact that we are destroying species at an unprecedented rate. We can’t afford to wait. They need protecting now!

50% of the world for humans! 50% for everything else!

The animals and plants deserve to live too!

Photography – The mud flats at Spur Head.

I like taking photos. The mud flats, home to tens of thousands of birds, have a great beauty to them.

I loved these white chalky rocks

Ripples in the sand and seaweed coated rocks.

Cockle shells in heaps.

Don’t you just love it???

Crisis! – a poem




We’re in a crisis!

Rising prices,

Rising seas,

Falling trees!



We’re in a crisis!

Spinning dices,

Spinning truth,

Denying proof!



We’re in a crisis!


Opher – 27.9.2019

Join the Revolution!!! I’m with the kids!!

Today – right across the world – people are taking to the streets to protest!!

We should all be out there with them!

Today students are leaving their classrooms in tens of thousands to protest!!

We should give them our full support!!

Today the world is suffering from climate change, from species extinctions, from pollution and overpopulation!

Unless we stop the madness there is no future!!

Today Trump is ripping up the environmental protections and opening up the USA parks and sites of wonder for exploitation. He will ruin the beauty of the natural world and massacre wildlife for a quick buck.

Today Bolsanaro is repealing laws to protect the Amazon. The result is that the Amazon is burning and millions of creatures are being slaughtered.

Today in the UK we are building on greenbelt, filling in ditches and ponds, grubbing up hedges and chopping down trees.

Today the numbers of humans continues to grow, forests are cut down, seas overfished and animals hunted to extinction.

I want a future with elephants, rhinos, whales, gorillas, chimpanzees and orangutans running free. I don’t want some plastic nightmare!

I’M WITH THE KIDS!!!  THIS GREED HAS TO STOP!!!! Nature matters more than providing the wealthy with more loot!

We can put it right. We need to stop this mad rush for growth, to reduce our population, to stop chopping down trees, filling in ponds and polluting the world.

We can live with nature and not against it!

The Population explosion and the future! Anthropocene Apocalypse

 The Population explosion and the future!

Anthropocene Apocalypse

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In Scenario 1 the population continued to grow eating up space, wilderness and destroying all naturally living creatures. Technology dealt with the problems of food, water, energy, weather and even oxygen in the atmosphere. We lived in huge urban developments and the world is devoid of wild-life and natural areas.

Scenario 2.

The premise:

a. We realise the impact of our actions on the environment and limit our numbers, conserve the wilderness and wild-life, stop our habitat destruction and pollution.

b. We lay aside 50% of the planet for wilderness and wild-life. We do not allow roads, hunters or development in these areas.

We are extremely good at solving problems. We can easily create a sustainable future where wilderness and wild-life has a place.

The result:

a. We introduce contraception, education and family planning on a global scale and successfully reduce our population.

b. We use technology to produce better transport, housing, energy production, and food.

c. We do not have urban sprawl, deforestation, overfishing, or other unsustainable exploitation of the environment.

d. We raise the standards of life for all people globally so that there is no longer war, conflict or poverty. There are social services, pensions and sick pay enabling people to live without requiring large numbers of children to support them through hard times.

e. We produce technology that is not polluting and is sustainable. We have ample energy (probably through nuclear fusion and solar) and our farming methods are not cruel or ineffective. We can produce ample good food to support the population without encroaching on the wilderness areas.

f. The forests are conserved. Fishing is sustainable. The weather and global warming is controlled.

g. 50% of the world is teeming with wild-life that we can marvel at. The air, water and soil are not contaminated with carcinogens. We globally control the weather and global warming. Everything regarding conservation and pollution is controlled and enforced globally.

I know which of the two possible future scenarios I would prefer to live in.

The future is for our grandchildren’s grandchildren. In my own life-time we have destroyed over half of the world. I feel we are at the precipice. Will we jump?

The Future is Burning – a poem

The Future is Burning


Seventeen thousand fingers of greed

Clawing to the sky –

Great black maws of doom

Pouring forth their acrid breath.


Living flesh is thrown upon

Great pyres of mammon

As the corporate machine

Consumes the air we breathe.


Seventeen thousand inhalations

Of pristine fresh air

Transforming oxygen and life

Into power and wealth.


Black holes sucking in the green

Seventeen thousand pools of fire

In a frenzy of greed

As millions of creatures fry.


In those infernos of hell

Screams are lost in the roar

Along with the banging

Of the nails in nature’s coffin.


Opher – 27.8.2019

I wrote this because I am so appalled by what is happening in the Amazon. Bolsonaro, Trump and Johnson are carving up the world for profit and destroying billions of years of nature! It’s a tragedy of monumental proportions. It makes me ashamed to be human.