Big Green Ball

The Environment

While I was driving around the country I had plenty of time to think. What we are doing to the planet, the loss of so many species, the ravaging of our rainforests, the overpopulation – it all drives me mad.

The Big Green Ball

Big green ball

To kick around

It’s just a game

Too soon and gone

The wear and tear

Such a shame

Opher 25.6.2018

South of Easter – a story

South of Easter

Mau Rata sat himself down on the couch to explain the events that had been passed down through time by his ancestors.

‘The first tribe settled on Rapa Nui having crossed over a thousand miles of ocean from East Polynesia. Their safe arrival at land heralded as a gift from the great god Make-make. The gift was perfect – a land of plenty, of water, trees, birds and animals. There were eggs, meat and fruit aplenty. It generated much rejoicing. Life was easy.

Their first Anki insisted they give thanks to Make-make and honour their ancestors by building the Moai. The massive statues were carved from the volcanic rocks in the quarries and many trees were chopped down with which to roll them to their sites of erection. Much hard work and industry was required.

The life of ease was soon replaced by the toil of construction and transport, but Make-make was content and the ancestors were suitably honoured. Life on Rapa Nui was pleasant and the tribe prospered and grew. Many Anki came and went and always there was the pressure to produce more Moai for Make-make required appeasement and there were times when the rainfall was slight, the harvests slim and hunting more difficult.

As time passed the trees began to thin out as more and more were used to transport the huge Moai. With the thinning of the trees the soil began to wash away and the crops could not grow, the bird and animal populations decreased and hunting dried up, but there were still plenty fish in the sea.

More importantly, the water became scare. Without the trees the rain was not retained. Life became progressively harder.

The Anki saw this as the anger of Make-make and urged even greater efforts in the making of Moai. Surely if sufficient effort was put into producing Moai Make-make would be pleased, the rains would return and bring back the birds and wildlife; life would be easy again.

Feverishly they carved the rocks in the quarries and the last trees were felled in order to move them to their sites. On the day when the last tree fell, Hotu Matu’a paused with his stone axe, thought for a moment as he stared over the barren surface of their denuded island, and wondered. It was only a brief pause. Wielding the flint axe to good effect he soon brought the very last tree to earth.

The last Moai was moved to its position but there were no more trees on which to roll more Moai, so many were abandoned in the quarries and further carving was halted.

Now life was hard and cruel. There was no shade from the relentless sun. Water was scarce. There were no crops or fruit, no meat or eggs. There was no wood to build canoes or branches to make spears. Fishing became hard. People starved. There were roving bands of cannibals to hide from.

In disgust they began to topple the statues.’

Poetry – Human Civilisation

Human Civilisation

Ephemeral dust

On the wing of a seed;

Edifying ripples

From every deed,

Reverberating on the wind,

To hit the sky and die.

Dancing to an arrogant beat

With heart and feet

While a universe of mystery

Revolves with aeons

Of light and heat

To leave meaningless symbols

On this sheet;

To spin free into eternity.

To strain the eye

Project the ‘I’

And wonder why;

As mere years fly by.

Leave a flash so brief

That truth

Evaporates before

Time’s thief.

Opher 4.7.2015

Human Civilisation

I had this vision of humanity like bacteria on the crust of this seed of a planet flying through space; the seed that has given birth to life. And we’re all clamouring and making noise that reverberates through the air for a while and dies when it hits vacuum.

We are so conceited that we think we know it all yet we think more with our emotions and act with our physical presence rather than use our brains. We squabble, argue, fight and create wars, religions and politics, while all around us there is the majesty of the universe that has been there with its array of stars for billions of years. It’s a vision of awe and wonder.

Ultimately everything we do is meaningless. Our atoms will last forever but our words and actions, even our fossils, will fall apart and leave no evidence behind. We only have the now.

Death is life’s thief and it will claim us all. All our vanity will be gone. We only have this briefest of times in which to appreciate each other and the wondrous life we enjoy. Let’s put aside the stupidities and enjoy it to the full.