Poetry – Human Civilisation

Human Civilisation

Ephemeral dust

On the wing of a seed;

Edifying ripples

From every deed,

Reverberating on the wind,

To hit the sky and die.

Dancing to an arrogant beat

With heart and feet

While a universe of mystery

Revolves with aeons

Of light and heat

To leave meaningless symbols

On this sheet;

To spin free into eternity.

To strain the eye

Project the ‘I’

And wonder why;

As mere years fly by.

Leave a flash so brief

That truth

Evaporates before

Time’s thief.

Opher 4.7.2015

Human Civilisation

I had this vision of humanity like bacteria on the crust of this seed of a planet flying through space; the seed that has given birth to life. And we’re all clamouring and making noise that reverberates through the air for a while and dies when it hits vacuum.

We are so conceited that we think we know it all yet we think more with our emotions and act with our physical presence rather than use our brains. We squabble, argue, fight and create wars, religions and politics, while all around us there is the majesty of the universe that has been there with its array of stars for billions of years. It’s a vision of awe and wonder.

Ultimately everything we do is meaningless. Our atoms will last forever but our words and actions, even our fossils, will fall apart and leave no evidence behind. We only have the now.

Death is life’s thief and it will claim us all. All our vanity will be gone. We only have this briefest of times in which to appreciate each other and the wondrous life we enjoy. Let’s put aside the stupidities and enjoy it to the full.

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