The Land is Free – for Moshe.

Once upon a time, the land was free,

As free as the wind, rain and sea.

Then, on the African plain

A mutation created man.

We prospered and increased in number

Moving out across the world


We formed little clans and tribes.

We were hunter-gatherers and began to think of the tracts of land we hunted in as ours.

It brought us into conflict with neighbouring tribes.

But the land was not owned. It belonged to all.

The tribes prospered and coalesced and we invented nations.

The nations had leaders who became kings and religious leaders.

They claimed the land as theirs.

They waged war against other tribes to seize their land, to pillage and plunder

And increase their own wealth and power.

The robber barons who helped them subjugate the people and conquer were rewarded.

The kings and religious leaders gave them big tracts of land.

The robber barons sold or leased off small parcels of land to the people

Thus increasing their wealth.

The people farmed or lived on the small parcels of land they were sold.

The robber barons fenced off the land and called it private.

The kings, religious leaders and robber barons waged war, set up empires and increased their wealth and power.

The ordinary masses of people were enslaved, exploited, used and abused.

Down through history.

The descendants of the robber barons, kings and religious leaders still ‘own’ the vast tracts of land they purloined from the people. They use this land to generate vast wealth.

The descendants of ordinary people still cling on to their tiny parcels of land or rent their space.

The same wealthy robber barons own Britain, the USA and Israel. They still seize land, plunder and pillage out of greed and selfishness. They do it through war, corruption, manipulation and economic control. They manipulate us through the media, through patriotism, religion, politics, nationalism, xenophobia and racism. They divide people so that we turn on each other and not on them.

So, my friend Moshe, we are the exploited ones, We are not responsible for our rulers. They are the robber barons of old. They manipulate us. History is the story of the exploits of the robber barons – not our folk.

The land is as free as we want it to be. It is never owned, only borrowed or stolen. We are just passing through.

One day we will take all the land back. Hopefully, we will find a better way of living – not part of this system of greed, inequality and environmental destruction. We will all be equally important and there will not be this inherent racism and artificial division. There will not be nations or races. There will be people.

That is why I support the UN – because it is a way of taking power from those who are presently abusing it and exploiting us, and damaging our planet.

I am idealistic, realistic and far from stupid. I clearly see what is going on.

You, Moshe, are playing into their hands.

The land is free.

49 thoughts on “The Land is Free – for Moshe.

  1. Ya single out the US, a huge country; Britain, an island; and Israel, a tiny country the size of New Jersey. Would ya have the UN break up the United States, force British illegal colonialists out of Northern Ireland, Whales, and Scotland, and divide the tiny Jewish state into 3 hostile factions that would result in the violent death of millions? LOL your simply not serious.

    1. No Moshe. It is you who is not serious. You use red herrings.
      The state of Israel was set up in 1948. It justifies its right by using historical/religious statements from two thousand years ago.
      It took the land by force (against the odds) and displaced the people who were living there – many of whom had done so for generations. The surrounding Arab countries sided with the displaced Palestinians and vowed to drive you out. You prevailed (against the odds).
      Now, seventy-two years later we still have the same impasse.
      We have the state os Israel having to defend itself.
      We have the Palestinians – hate-filled and discriminated against
      We have fanatical Israelis seizing more land illegally (based on religious texts).
      We have hostile Arab countries who would destroy you.
      We have US backing and money keeping you afloat.

      This is not a good place to be. It is constant war.

      The solution is obvious:
      The state of Israel needs recognising by all parties and its borders agreed.
      The Arab nations need to accept this and come to peace.
      The Palestinians need reparation and their own state.

      Then we have peace.

      While there are people spreading racism, hate and deliberately being provocative you will have a constant state of war. And one day a nuclear device or virus will put an end to Israel.

  2. Quote\Unquote: “The state of Israel was set up in 1948.” Set up by whom? WHAT A TOTAL IGNORAMUS OF HISTORY. Your absurd revisionist history must equally apply to the American Revolution! Which it most certainly does not. Britain founded the 13 American colonies, as the UN vote by a 2/3rds majority validated Jews right to self determination in their own country. But just as Washington spanked the bottom of the British till their nose bled, so too Israel defeated 5 invading Arab armies to win our national Independence. The UN did not in any way prevent the Arab invasions of the Jewish state. The UN only officiated at a cease fire.

    Israel won the wars of 1948, 1967, & 1973. “Against the odds” — utterly a exceedingly minor point. Wars throughout history produces winners and losers. The losers wind up as stateless refugees. These Balestinians LOL irregardless if they lived in the territory of Israel for a million generations, they did so not as a nation of their own, but as a ruled subset of the Muslim Ottoman empire!

    Muslims, such as the Ottoman Turks and the Iranians – NOT Arabs. Balestinian refugee populations – ARE Arabs. Quote/unQuote: “Now, seventy-two years later we still have the same impasse.” What impasse? Certainly not an impasse for Britain or France or Germany or Russia etc. Butt OUT and mind your own business. The impasse – as you call it – Arab recognition of the Jewish State. Just recently TWO Arab countries recognized the Jewish State. This makes FOUR Arab countries who now recognize the Jewish State. 27 Arab and Muslim countries in the world. The “impasse” – again to quote you – the other 23 Arab and Muslim countries to recognize the Jewish State.

      1. Get real Opher, Israel perhaps has nuclear weapons. No Arab or Muslim state currently possesses any known arsenal of nuclear weapons. Jews have 2000 years of European cruel oppression which culminated in the Shoah.

      2. Actions have their consequences just as and similar to stones thrown into ponds produce ripples. Happy/Sad has nothing what so ever to do with it.

  3. Neither Mandela or Gahnhi prevented a serious of bloody internal and external war. Attila the Hun & Ghenghis Khan produced a quiet that lasted for over 2 centuries. Go back to school, and open your ears and eyes this time.

      1. Noise made from a political maxim ignorabimus. LOL. Post WW2 US Foreign Policy – established by the Truman Administration. It stands upon 2 legs. 1. The Marshal Plan. 2. The Containment Policy. How did the US go from having no military bases in foreign countries to over, according to Ron Paul, 155 military bases stationed in US occupied countries? Answer: the Marshal Plan: Economic assistance in exchange for US military bases. Israel, as specific (silly dumb ass), has US military bases on Israeli soil.

      1. Noise. More big balloon no substance nonsense. Details, silly boy, its the details that validate an argument, NOT the grand declarations delivered without the slightest attempt to prove the validity of those grand declarations.

      2. Silly brain dead, the language “serious conflict” absolutely requires no less than at least 1 specific where “serious conflict” erupted. For example: the Hindu/Muslim population transfer.

      3. Don’t be a moron – the overthrow of the British Raj was the biggest upheaval. In South Africa – the overthrow of the white supremacist apartheid system.

      4. Finally ya bring specifics – its like pulling teeth! The 1919 Amritsar massacre 379 people murdered, 1200 people injured and no British soldier held accountable. Injustice destroyed the British empire. Yo bozo S. African Apartheid established back in 1948! Not till 1990 did an international embargo occur!!! What changed? Duh which way did he go which way did he go? (play on bugs bunny cartoon). The occupation of Namibia and foreign interventionism in Angola, significantly influenced the international isolation of South Africa.

      5. The British Empire was unjust but it wasn’t destroyed by injustice, it flourished on it. The same people who were exploiting people around the world were exploiting us at home and still are. They are the right-wing establishment who still run everything – you know – the ones you support.

      6. Bunk. Immediately after WW2 the Attlee labor government replace the Churchill government in the 1945 General Election. The Labour government continued to enforce the 1939 White Paper. Left/Right … Tweedle Dee/Tweedle Dumb opposing sides of the same corrupt system.

      7. What’s rubbish. Dude you never learn. Ernest Bevin Atlee’s Foreign Secretary sent Jews back to German concentration camps! He set up on Cyprus a concentration camp to hold Jews fleeing from the Nazis!!!!! Details, silly fool.

      8. Well there’s something – send me the evidence cos I don’t believe you. We liberated the concentration camps and saved tens of thousands of lives, repatriated jews and tried to sort the mess the right-wing Nazis had created!

      9. You liberated the death camps … the Germans retreated and you came across the death camps. The Allies knew of the death camps back in 1942 but deliberately chose not to bomb the rail lines unto the death camps in favor of using them to tie down key and critical Nazi troop personnel!!! Idiot.

      10. Evidence serves as the basis for any rational discussion. Why you rely upon hear say gossip truly amazes me. As if you were a snotty nose brat in grade school.

      11. I can’t help it if you can’t understand simple concepts. Read it again. It may become clear. Nobody owns the land. All land is stolen.

  4. Briton Sir Roger Penrose, descended from a Hebrew scholar and of Russian Jewish heritage, received half of this year’s prize “for the discovery that black hole formation is a robust prediction of the general theory of relativity,” the Nobel Committee said.

  5. Seeing that your such an expert, here’s a clip from an Israeli post: הנשיא טראמפ הודיע כי מפת גושי ההתנחליות מוכנה, וראש הממשלה, נתניהו, לא סתר את דבריו, כלומר: הוא הסכים לגבולות המדינה הפלסטינית ועל סיפוח מה שיישאר לישראל.

    No need to translate it for ya, seeing that your such a know it all expert. LOL

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