Salutary post from Attila the Stockbroker

Trump nominates a far-right fundamentalist to the Supreme Court and calls postal ballots ‘fraudulent’ while his militia supporters plan intimidation of in-person voters.
Cummings wants former Mail editor Paul Dacre as head of Ofcom and former Telegraph editor Moore as chairman of the BBC. Tories want ‘anti-capitalist’ ideas banned from schools.
Carl Von Clausewitz defined war as the continuation of politics by other means. Having witnessed political violence at very close hand I am intractably opposed to it, and since there is a natural left of centre majority in both the USA and the UK I remain absolutely certain that a unified Left can prevail.
But unified is the point. Our opponents are not the right-wingers of old. They are fascists. And the only alternative to unity between everyone who is not a fascist is…..fascism. The 1930s proved that.
One non-Tory candidate in every local and national electoral seat from now on, or far-right authoritarian rule. Our choice.
(If you think these words are hyperbole, or indeed that my analysis is wrong, please explain why you believe Trump and Cummings are not fascists. I’ll listen.)
I think he’s right – we are on the verge of full-blown fascism.

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