The Corona Diaries – Day 187

Today was a bit warmer and we even saw a glimpse of sunshine. The wind has dropped – after it blew our fence down for the second time! I’ve tweaked a thigh muscle – which was a bit sore, so I limped my way up my hill and then went back to work on my book and play a bit of Nina Simone.

This isolation is becoming a drag. It would be great to meet up with friends, go to a gig or two or visit the cinema. The days are becoming so uneventful that they tend to melt into one another and drift past so quickly. I think it’s the lack of landmarks. There’s nothing to hang the days on. I’m incredibly busy but it’s all more of the same.

I notice that SAGE has recommended to the government that all people over 45 years old (more vulnerable) should stay at home. Of course, they follow scientific advice only when it suits them.

Meanwhile, fake news from Trump and QAnon continues to gain purchase. People are convinced the virus was manufactured in a Chinese lab despite scientists saying there is no evidence of any bioengineering and showing the clear connection to the method of transmission – wild animals in wet markets – just like Ebola, SARS and MERS.

In Birmingham, which is in lockdown due to a high number of cases, police have had to break up parties, raves and sent people home from pubs, snooker halls, and pubs.

I think we’ve reached a point where many people just don’t care. Some of them might come to regret that. With another 6042 new cases, more hospital admissions and 20 deaths, we are looking at a miserable winter.

Not as bad as in the States or Brazil though.

The US is being ravaged – over 7.3 million have contracted the disease with deaths standing at 209,233. Yesterday saw another 45,752 new cases and 737 deaths. Not many people talk about the people who have suffered long-term damage to lungs, heart and brain. There’s not much reporting on that.

In Brazil there were another 28,378 cases and 869 deaths

Well done Trump and Bolsonaro! I’m sure all those dead and severely damaged people are grateful to you.

Abroad they are using trained sniffer dogs to hunt pout infected people. Why can’t we do that?

Stay safe everyone!

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