Trump is Playing a dangerous game!!

Trump is playing an extremely dangerous game – petulantly claiming rigged voting all over the country with no evidence what-so-ever.

The Georgia recount is due any time soon and Trump is still losing so he is tweeting that it is a joke and that it is rigged.

He is inciting his base, telling them that the Democrats have been cheating, but is totally unable to back up his claims.

It’s all lies.

The fact that it is all fictitious is irrelevant to his fanatical base. They are so stupid they believe him. They hang on every bit of propaganda pumped out of the extreme right-wing propaganda machine. They have no faith in democracy.

So what happens when a large minority no longer believe in democracy? That is really scary. That leads to social unrest on a huge scale, to violence and the break down of law and order.

So let’s be quite clear – Trump has consistently been the most unpopular President in the history of the USA. Despite having a fanatical base he has a popularity record worst than any other. So it is no surprise that he lost the election. The real surprise is that he only lost by 6 million votes!!

But lose he did – fair and square and nothing is going to change that. Biden won by a considerable amount. Currently Biden 306 votes Trump 232. That is comprehensive!!

Trumps silly legal challenges are being thrown out left, right and centre. They are costing a lot and changing nothing. They are not changing it because it was all fair!!

President Trump said he “terminated” Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (Cisa) chief Chris Krebs for his “highly inaccurate” remarks on vote integrity. The guy reported that the election was the fairest in history.

What a fool he is being! All he is doing is undermining democracy, stirring up division, inciting hatred and getting nowhere!

Why am I not surprised?? That has been his tactics all along!

What is he hoping for? A coup? An armed insurrection? To reverse the votes?

I don’t know. He is behaving appallingly. He needs to concede and get out of there. The man is a loose cannon! He’s mentally deranged!!

This could all end in bloodshed!!

Poetry – Lost


Lost on the highway,

Adrift on the wind,

Searching for direction

In the aftermath of chaos.

Inside the humdrum

Order’s an illusion.

Quiet desperation

Pervades reality.


Out of control

Mindless hierarchy

Directing where we go.

Power is all,

Wealth and perpetuation

Selling the planet

Maintaining position.

Having more

Than could possibly need.

With no end in sight

To their appetite.


In the aftermath of the US election it seems obvious to me that our society is lost. Those in power merely seek to perpetuate their own power and wealth. There is no direction, no will to tackle the issues, no empathy, no compassion.

We’re on a mad dash to nowhere where all that matters is the cash.

Utterly pointless.

Utterly empty.

Utterly disastrous.

The Worrying American Election.

Just what world are we living in?
Donald Trump threatens to fire Anthony Fauci after US election | World news | The Guardian
US prepares for upcoming election…..

If it looks like a fascist state. Sounds like a fascist state. Acts like a fascist state. Is violent and intolerant like a fascist state……………………………………

The First Presidential Debate – Opher’s verdict – The Schoolyard Bully V the Gentleman

One strutted a preened – one stood proud.

One interrupted and bullied – one remained unruffled

One looked and sounded like a thug – The other looked and sounded like a President

One appealed to neo-Nazi white supremacists – one stood against fascism

One was the schoolyard bully – the other was a gentleman President


There was no doubt about it – Biden won hands down. He showed Trump up for the uncouth fascist he is.