The Truth

I find it sad that people are brought up to believe that the purpose of life is to own more than you could possibly spend, to use any means to gain even more and never to think about the misery we are creating by our actions.

Poetry – To Make Themselves Look Big

To Make Themselves Look Big

They wear uniforms,

Put on crowns,

Sit on thrones,

Wear ceremonial gowns.

They wear bit hats

Put on a wig.

With many servants

To make themselves look big.

They live in mansions,

Rolex on wrists,

Play with yachts,

Hold sceptres in their fists.

Wearing gowns and ermine,

Finest wines to swig,

Dripping gold and diamonds

To make themselves look big.

Yet really

They are the same as us.


On a planetary bus.

Opher – 29.1.2021

The kings, queens, presidents, judges, generals and wealthy, all decked up in their finery, in uniforms, with status symbols, $6000 handbags, flash cars, Armani suits, rolex’s and Italian shoes, are all playing a game.

Everything is a symbol.

Tribalism is rife.

The game is played with deadly results.

We are put in our place.

Poetry – We Service the Machine

We Service the Machine

I was thinking about how the rebels of yesterday, who made the walls of the city tremble, were bought off and incorporated into the very structures they stood against; their rebellion and anti-establishment stances becoming the icons of consumerism, their wealth buying access to the higher echelons and their posturing as trendy designer chic.

You cannot go anywhere without images of Elvis, James Dean, John Lennon and Che Guevara staring you in the face. Even Sinatra is in from the cold, Marylyn has her skirt blown in the air and Marx is the beard to wear.

The celebrity culture parades Mick Jagger as the epitome of revolutionary cool as he deploys his hairdresser and fitness trainer to prolong his marketability.

The establishment is adept at absorbing the blows and deflecting them so they are turned upon us. Johnny Lydon sells butter and the rebels become commodities to milk for profit.

There is no escape from the machine. We all service its insatiable needs as if busily gobbles up the earth we tread upon, the air we breathe and the life that sustains us.

My wails are pointless until they become exploitable.

We Service the Machine

Che is on the T-Shirt,

Lennon on the mug.

Quotes are plastered on our mouse-mats

To give our minds a hug.

But the profits from these baubles

Are siphoned to the State,

As the establishment exploits our tastes,

Our dreams, and finally our fate.

We are numbers to be deployed

In a pointless, superficial scheme

Where hypocrisy rules

As we service the machine.

Opher 2.9.2015

Poetry – Lost


Lost on the highway,

Adrift on the wind,

Searching for direction

In the aftermath of chaos.

Inside the humdrum

Order’s an illusion.

Quiet desperation

Pervades reality.


Out of control

Mindless hierarchy

Directing where we go.

Power is all,

Wealth and perpetuation

Selling the planet

Maintaining position.

Having more

Than could possibly need.

With no end in sight

To their appetite.


In the aftermath of the US election it seems obvious to me that our society is lost. Those in power merely seek to perpetuate their own power and wealth. There is no direction, no will to tackle the issues, no empathy, no compassion.

We’re on a mad dash to nowhere where all that matters is the cash.

Utterly pointless.

Utterly empty.

Utterly disastrous.

Inequality Blossoms under Covid! Billionaires have never had it so good!

Inequality – The factor that fuels discontent, hatred and terrorism.

tortured cover

While a tiny minority in the West live in opulence billions of others around the world live in squalor, poverty and despair.

This inequality is what is fuelling terrorism, mass migration and hatred.

It needs addressing.

When you have nothing you have nothing to lose. When there are no jobs and no hope what is there to look forward to? When your children are dying of disease and malnutrition while others are indulging in undreamt-of extravagance it must fill you with hatred.

People who are desperate turn to fanatical religions, extreme politics, mass migration, war and are traumatised by their experience. To them horrendous death is a daily occurrence. Why not?

The average income of the top FTSE 100 executives in Britain is £14,000,000

The average income in Britain is £27,000

A top executive earns 183 times the income of the average worker.

Some executives are earning in excess of £14,000,000 (How many lottery wins is that a year?)

A miner working at the coal-face, covered in coal-dust at temperatures of 38 degrees will earn £40,000 (And are worth every penny of it).

A registered nurse will start at £21,500 (And should be paid double).

In China the average yearly income is £3210.

In Zimbabwe the average yearly income is only £1,950.

The two richest people in the world (Bill Gates – worth $79,000,000,000 and Carlos Slim Helu – worth $77,000,000,000) are worth more than entire countries. It is my contention that nobody could ‘earn’ that sort of wealth. They have accrued that by exploiting others.

It is my belief that until this inequality within Britain and all around the world is addressed we will have war, terrorism, mass migration and hatred. If you stop and think about the consequences of this exploitation it is unacceptable. What would you say to the mother who has just buried her baby?

Accruing huge wealth is a sickness. Inequality is a disease.