Poetry – Lost


Lost on the highway,

Adrift on the wind,

Searching for direction

In the aftermath of chaos.

Inside the humdrum

Order’s an illusion.

Quiet desperation

Pervades reality.


Out of control

Mindless hierarchy

Directing where we go.

Power is all,

Wealth and perpetuation

Selling the planet

Maintaining position.

Having more

Than could possibly need.

With no end in sight

To their appetite.


In the aftermath of the US election it seems obvious to me that our society is lost. Those in power merely seek to perpetuate their own power and wealth. There is no direction, no will to tackle the issues, no empathy, no compassion.

We’re on a mad dash to nowhere where all that matters is the cash.

Utterly pointless.

Utterly empty.

Utterly disastrous.

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