Poetry – The Web

The Web

An intricate, self-perpetuating web,

Expanding, mutating and evolving;

Interconnected, interdependent.

Full of mysteries for the solving.

Molecular complexity.

Ionic polarity.

Cellular electricity.

Spectacular diversity.

Coursing through veins,

Blood and energy,

Streaming down pathways.

Creating awareness endlessly.

Opher – 6.11.2020

I was going to call this poem life, but I thought that might detract.

I was thinking about the huge spectacular web of life that extends across the surface of this planet. It all started from one cell and now it has spawned a trillion forms and is still going.

I was thinking about our awareness, of all life’s awareness. Everything is conscious.

One day we will realise that plants and bacteria have consciousness.

What form that takes is open to wonder.

It’s full of mysteries.

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