Brexit – A Bumpy Start! A Rough Ride! A Predictable End!

‘Like so many things in politics, Brexit was always different things to different people, which was part of the trick.

Each voter for Brexit thought their version was what they were voting for’.

The reality is that it has cost us a fortune, buried us in red-tape, slowed down trade, put people out of work, caused firms to go bust or open European branches, put up prices and given more power to a bunch of Eton schoolboys who are making a mint out of it!!

Reclaimed sovereignty?? A joke!!

It was labelled project Fear.

What’s it called now?

Do you think that the truth is going to come out? Or are they going to cover it up with covid??

Thanks John Peachey!

Chris Riddell – Swamp Thing – The Sequel – cartoon

As Mitch McConnell makes his nonsensical statement that Trump is guilty as hell while then acquitting him, the Republican Party is still in thrall to fascism. Instead of standing up for Republican values, honesty and honorability they have gone for cowardice and self-interest. We’ll see where that leads.

Meanwhile, the pave the way for the return of the fascist tyrant.

Chris Riddell Cartoon sums up the tragedy of America’s slide into fascism.

Who would have believed that this populism could harness virulent nationalism and slide so easily into fascism?? Who could believe it?

A short while ago these same senators that voted to acquit Trump were cringing for cover and having to be escorted from the Capitol by armed secret service to protect them from a mob, incited by Trump, seeking blood and seeking to overturn a legitimate election.

They were threatened by Trump that if they did not support him he would orchestrate his boot-boys to vote them out of office.

These senators have received death-threats. Their families have been threatened.

Is this what democracy looks and sounds like in America today? Ruled by the mob and not by law and order? Ruled by a fascist dictator who sits in the wings and deploys his bully-boys to do his will?

Is this what the Republican party now stands for?

Was this what draining the swamp was all about?

So now lies, fear and hate rule and morality goes out the window.

Chris Riddell Cartoon – Brexit – just what we were promised

Brexit – the reality – project fear???

Price rises.


More costs.

A huge amount of red tape.

Slowing everything.

Interminable checks and paperwork.

Job losses.

Firms going bust.

Damaged economy.

We told you – Farage, Johnson, Gove and the greedy Brexiteers (making a killing) all lied!!

Hapless Boris Johnson Cartoon!

Thanks John Peachey.

As the bodies pile up (very soon a 100,000) and the floods drive people out of their homes our clown of a PM celebrates the fact that his dire Brexit hasn’t driven everyone away. Nissan is still here! We’ll soon see how many other firms have been bowled over by Brexit.

What a sorry story of incompetence. Not exactly a world-beating performance (unless you’re counting bodies or looking for the worst hit economy).